I will take the market return and be happy with it – because I know the odds of beating the market over my investing lifetime are slim.

Warren Buffett

Chairman & CEO, Berkshire Hathaway

SGXcafe – Help Keep It Free

SGXcafe – Help Keep It Free

I’ve been really, really swamped lately (which explains the lack of posts for the past month or two) but after reading this blog post, I felt that it deserved a couple of minutes of my time, even if this post sounds like random ramblings. SGXcafe –... read more

SMARTLY : Singapore Robo-Advisor

What is the buzzword these days? FinTech – otherwise known as financial technology. Disrupt Or Be Disrupted The good old ways of doing business may no longer carry you as far as you think they would. This is especially so in the area of finance where epic... read more
Indexing Portfolio – No Dividends Ah?

Indexing Portfolio – No Dividends Ah?

Once in a blue moon, I get the occasional question from a curious reader who would ask me about my portfolio and of course, what exactly am I holding on to? Only index ETFs? Dig a little deeper and you will realize that I hardly, if ever, share anything outside of my... read more
Goodbye For Now

Goodbye For Now

Gotcha! Just a short post before I head for one of my annual vacations. For this 10-day trip, I’m headed to Japan for the cherry blossoms – fingers crossed that there will be some left – and I’ll make a pitstop at Taipei before coming back... read more

About Me

Hello there! I’m Kevin, otherwise known as the Turtle Investor. I am a Singaporean in my early thirties, love to travel, married to my lovely wife with no kids at the moment. Welcome to my blog where I write about index investing as well as random stuff related to personal finance. Thanks for dropping by and hope you enjoy reading! Be sure to like my Facebook Page and join our Index Investing Group by clicking the icons below!

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Index ETFs Dividend

ABF Singapore Bond ETF A35 : Annual
a) 02-Jan-2015 >> SGD$0.0305
b) 04-Jan-2016 >> SGD$0.0265

SPDR STI ETF ES3 : Bi-Annual
a) 30-Jan-2015 >> SGD$0.048
b) 31-Jul-2015 >> SGD$0.049
c) 29-Jan-2016 >> SGD$0.051

Vanguard VWRD ETF : Quarterly
a) 19-Mar-2015 >> USD$0.26939
b) 18-Jun-2015 >> USD$0.50610
c) 17-Sep-2015 >> USD$0.32272
d) 17-Dec-2015 >> USD$0.27453
e) 17-Mar-2016 >> USD$0.28440

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In the 1980s, a famous Wall Street experiment by Richard Dennis taught a group of 23 ordinary people, known as The Turtle Traders, a system to make extraordinary money. In the same light, I feel that everyone has the potential to be a Turtle Investor and achieve financial freedom if they make the effort to do so.


The Turtle Investor believes in Index Investing, and feels that it is the most reliable method of achieving the best returns with the lowest risk. Index Investing is simple, easy to understand and has a wealth of resources that backs it up.



The Turtle Investor is a Singaporean in his early thirties. Married with no children, he has a moderate risk appetite and believes that with sufficient time and knowledge, everyone can learn how to invest.

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