I didn’t used to like reading. For some reason, I never enjoyed it when I was younger, and I dreaded those darn holiday assignments where you had to read a book or two and give book reviews.

Things changed when I enlisted. During one of those overseas deployments, I brought along with me a copy of Tom Clancy’s novel and it was like being re-acquainted with an old friend. The rest was history.

During my pak-tor days, I would send my girlfriend (now my wife) home after dates, and the trip back to my own place via public transport would usually be more than an hour. I got myself a trusty Palm Tungsten (gasp!) which was pretty much the grandfather of smartphones. Did you know that back then in early 2000s, you could already borrow e-books from national library and load them into your PDA (personal digital assistant)? Say yes to unlimited number of books!


Many Chinese would be familiar with the proverb – 书中自有黄金屋 – which literally translates into A Book Holds A House Of Gold. I didn’t read much about finance stuff back then. It was only much closer to recent years that the proverb started to make a whole lot of sense to me! Indeed, a good book (or two) can lead you to a house of gold!

I love to read on lots of different things, including air travel (Cockpit Confidential, Patrick Smith), hospitality industry (Heads in Beds, Jacob Tomsky), Buddhism-lite (Being Peace, Thich Nhat Hanh), finance (A Random Walk Down Wall Street, Burton Gordon Malkiel) and plenty of crime and suspense thrillers.

E-books are increasingly more accessible (and cheaper) than ever, but nothing beats having a physical book in my hands. The flipping of pages. The smell of paper. Irreplaceable.

I was pleasantly surprised when SgFinanceBooks contacted me to be featured in their finance blogs section. Of course I agreed! Basically, you can think of them as the Trivago for buying books. Search for the book you want, and they will aggregate the price from various online sources and attempt to find the cheapest deal for you.

I did a quick test for myself and it seemed like it wasn’t that accurate in terms of results. For example, it said that the book is not found on Open Trolley (another of my favourite online store for books) when it was clearly available there. Still, I give them credits for the efforts and I’m sure it’ll do even better after ironing out the kinks.

Sgfinancebooks is a Singapore based online book curation site that provides you the best finance reads all in one place. Find highly relevant pieces of advice, strategies and knowledge from renowned investors and financial advisers. Our books cater to all readers which includes those new to investing and finance to professional traders. Besides, you can also find the best deal for your favourite books all at our site which is powered by oo.sg – a leading book price comparison site. Educating yourself with finance reads have never been easier.


This is not a sponsored post. Just ramblings from a guy who likes to read. Do you enjoy reading? Which book(s) inspired you?