Yet another public service announcement brought to you by Turtle Investor. Every year at around this time, the visits to my blog would spike just a little because of folks who are looking for dividend information.

As usual, SGX is one of the best source of definite dividends information and I’ll re-post it here. Here goes.


Ex-Date : 03 Jan 2017
Record Date : 05 Jan 2017
Date Paid/Payable : 17 Jan 2017
Amount : SGD 0.0214 (current yield at 1.87% via SGXCafe)

While I’m at it, below is the corresponding dividend information (first of two) for STI ETF. On the right sidebar, you can see the past few dividend information for ABF SG Index Bond Fund and STI ETF.

SPDR Straits Times Index (STI) ETF – 2017

Ex-Date : 02 Feb 2017
Record Date : 06 Feb 2017
Date Paid/Payable : 20 Feb 2017
Amount : SGD 0.053

I usually don’t respond too much to questions on whether the STI ETF is too expensive to buy now (my highest ever purchase price was $3.48) or what is going to happen to ABF SG Bond Index Fund in a rising interest rate environment. I’ve written on what I feel about it before, and can redirect you to my older posts.

A diversified bond basket can actually benefit from rising interest rates. Investors might think otherwise because of the mechanics of basic bond math (‘when rates go up, yields go up and prices go down’). But, that’s not the whole story: A diversified bond basket can actually benefit when rates rise. – Betterment