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AutoWealth Review – Information For Advanced Users (And Something On StashAway)

This is a follow-up post to my earlier post on AutoWealth : My AutoWealth Experience : The Best Robo-Advisor For Index Investors? The interest and response to my earlier review on AutoWealth robo-advisor far exceeded my expectations, which was why I’ve decided to add on a little bit of information to what I’ve shared earlier. SAXO View-Only Client As explained in my previous post, ETFs in my portfolio are kept and held in my own SAXO account as part of my account opening with AutoWealth. AutoWealth simply executes the trades for me. Because it is pretty much a standalone...

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My Net Worth Is “Only” 6-Figure And I’m OK With It

Some time back, I published my first net worth blog post – My Net Worth Is Only 5-Figure And I’m OK With It – and it was a fun exercise. The grand total I came up with back then was S$12,142.20 🙂 Nothing fantastic, but it was a tangible number I was comfortable with. I first started tracking my expenses since March 2013 and have enough data to plot a fairly accurate net worth chart from then till now. Blue bars for assets, red bars for liabilities and the dots for net worth. Assets Just a quick re-cap on what I...

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With Understanding Comes Conviction

Kyith put out a good post on conviction which coincidentally was something that has been on the back of my mind for the past few weeks. What Is Conviction? Conviction (noun) – a firmly held belief or opinion In investment, the conviction that I have is my compass. Kyith put out four points in his blog post on gaining conviction, and yes – it could be a double edged sword. Where does mine come from? To me, conviction comes from understanding. Research and homework, an insanely huge amount of it, to get my doubts addressed. To me, the other three points are...

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Market Crashes & Robo Advisors – What Would I Do?

It seems almost customary for bloggers to do a blog post every time the market is in distress. The “flash dip” over the past two days spooked some investors. The grapevine was that some folks initiated withdrawals from robo-advisors, which caused them enough concern to make Facebook posts and videos. I don’t know how true that is. To me, it is a sad reflection of their thought process, or lack of it, when they decided to invest. Crash Strategy For Robos : Less Than 25% Drop I think it is the first time I’ve written on the crash strategy...

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Turtle Talk – Feb 2018

I just came back from the new polyclinic that is within walking distance from my apartment. Yes, the one I mentioned two years ago. Nice to have such a perk, like finally. They rushed the polyclinic for opening, though. The rest of the property ain’t functional until later this year. In other news, Punggol Digital District made the news last month which is again, fantastic for properties in the area. For now, I’m sitting tight on my first pot of gold until a really good project comes along. I’m HODL-ing! Polyclinic : 5-mins (walking) distance Mega-childcare (1000-pax) : 5-mins (walking)...

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Turtle Thoughts

SG Index ETFs Dividends

ABF Singapore Bond ETF (A35) : Annual
a) 02-Jan-2015 >> SGD$0.0305
b) 04-Jan-2016 >> SGD$0.0265
c) 03-Jan-2017 >> SGD$0.0214
d) 02-Jan-2018 >> SGD$0.0261

SPDR STI ETF (ES3) : Bi-Annual
a) 29-Jan-2016 >> SGD$0.051
b) 29-Jul-2016 >> SGD$0.042
c) 02-Feb-2017 >> SGD$0.053
d) 28-Jul-2017 >> SGD$0.048
e) 01-Feb-2018 >> SGD$0.053

Turtle Projects

Turtle For Charity

Turtle Air Miles Cards

Want to fly in Business Class or First Class? Start your own Air Miles Project today with one of the following credit cards! I knew you would ask - nope, we don't need one million miles.

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