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Kevin’s Air Miles Starter Pack

After all I have written about my personal project on chasing air miles (90,000 miles in 9 months), it makes sense that I should probably write a little bit on my credit cards setup for this purpose. Air miles are earned on the back of expenditure. There are no two ways about it. What we can do it is optimize the number of miles we can earn. Not saying that this is the best way, but it works well for my lifestyle without having to put in too much effort on a daily basis. To begin with, I have...

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Where Can I Go With 100,000 Miles?

This post should have come a little bit sooner, but as usual, I have my excuses. Work has been dominating my life, to say the least. In October last year, I started my Project Singapore Airlines Suites with nothing more than just 11,285 miles to my name. It would not be an easy task – accumulation of miles is ultimately dependent on expenses. Luckily, my goal is reasonable – tickets for two to Beijing, just to have a quick spin at the Great Wall and perhaps the Summer Palace. I was pleasantly surprised to realize that it took me...

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Robo-Advisors : AutoWealth vs StashAway vs Smartly

The battle of the Singapore digital financial advisory platforms is gathering pace as each day goes by. There are actually various robo-advisors in existence in Singapore, but the majority of them cater to high net worth individuals and aren’t exactly targeted at retail investors. I kept a list of them somewhere but it eludes me somehow. To the best of my knowledge, there are currently three real contenders battling it out for the retail investors market. I collected some information on them for my personal consumption – you might find them useful for a quick comparison. Huge disclaimer to...

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How To Surrender Your AIA Prime Life Special Policy

Remember that I wrote about surrendering my AIA Prime Life Special policy last year in August? This is a follow up post on that. Quick and easy, I promise! Let’s go back in time for twenty years, and it would be the year 1997. Ignore the glaring red words and focus somewhere near 1997, and it isn’t difficult to note the peak there and then. With 72% allocation in fixed income, it is needless to say that the projections made back then would be pretty tough to achieve. Especially with the prolonged low interest rate environment. Well, it is...

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Unlike Misa Travel, Some Agents Can Prosper!

The recent collapse of Misa Travel has been a nightmare for those who have made bookings with them. The “lucky” ones would have bought travel insurance, which would have covered the cost incurred. Those who paid for their trips via credit cards could probably invoke the credit card charge-back feature to recover their money. Still, the inconvenience as a result of this would still piss many people off. If I were in their shoes, I would wreck havoc. OTAs Are Cheaper? The sweeping statements people make tend to gravitate towards “why would people use brick-and-mortar travel agents when online...

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Turtle Air Miles Cards

Want to fly in Business Class or First Class? Start your own Air Miles Project today with one of the following credit cards! I knew you would ask - nope, we don't need one million miles.

Turtle Projects

Index ETFs Dividends

ABF Singapore Bond ETF (A35) : Annual
a) 02-Jan-2015 >> SGD$0.0305
b) 04-Jan-2016 >> SGD$0.0265
c) 03-Jan-2017 >> SGD$0.0214

SPDR STI ETF (ES3) : Bi-Annual
a) 31-Jul-2015 >> SGD$0.049
b) 29-Jan-2016 >> SGD$0.051
c) 29-Jul-2016 >> SGD$0.042
d) 02-Feb-2017 >> SGD$0.053
e) 28-Jul-2017 >> SGD$0.048

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