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Funny that nobody seems to hype about crypto anymore, which to me, seems like an excellent time to get in! The market has crashed brutally. Some cryptocurrency coins/tokens are easily 80% or 90% off their all-time high (ATH). Not much bragging rights, now that shit has hit the fan? Were these people investors, or speculators? Do they really have the conviction to hang on? Time will tell. Compelling – Evoking Interest In A Powerfully Irresistible Way This is how I see it. The uglier it gets, the more compelling it is for me to start some serious buying. Imagine...

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This Is What It’s Like To MR (MINDEF Reserve)

My first in-camp training (ICT) was in early 2009, which meant the last day of my ten full active years would be 31-Mar-2018. For something that I’ve waited ten years for, this is sort of like an anti-climax.  You will be deemed to have completed your ORNS and be phased into MR when you have fulfilled at least 7 High Key (HK) In-Camp Training (ICT) and 10 active ORNS years. In the process, I had fulfilled the full cycle of 7 HKs and 2 LKs with the one and only NS-unit I have ever known. I only found out about...

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SPDR STI ETF Dividend – 2018 (2nd Half)

I know August is the favourite month of many Singaporean investors. Who doesn’t like to lepak (relax) at home and collect money?! It is finally time for the biannual dividend annoucement of SPDR Straits Times Index ETF (ES3). SINGAPORE, 27 July, 2018 — State Street Global Advisors Singapore Limited, manager of the SPDR® Straits Times Index ETF (the “Fund”), today announced the Fund’s dividend distribution of S$0.060 per unit. This dividend distribution comprises S$0.035 per unit made out of Singapore one-tier dividend and other exempt income, and S$0.025 per unit made out of other income. The SPDR® Straits Times Index ETF is an exchange-traded...

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Turtle Fly Business – Taipei To Singapore (SQ879)

If you’re reading this, I can assume that you are at the very least, mildly interested in the area of travel hacking, air miles collection or perhaps luxury travel. Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here is another short piece on my no-bullshit journey on how peasants can travel in luxury. Yes, it is almost impossible for an Average Joe to earn one million miles in a year. For most, they won’t even earn that many miles in a lifetime. On the other hand, 100000 miles per year is definitely doable with a little discipline and patience. And...

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AutoWealth x Stocks Cafe Plus Bonus Charts

Yesterday, I exported my automated AutoWealth transactions and imported them into a newly created “AutoWealth” portfolio in Stocks Cafe – which is an awesome product, by the way, and one that I’m happy to pay for. Stocks Cafe supports SGX, HKEX, KLSE and USX, which is great. This allows me to use it to track my AutoWealth robo-advisor investment. * Yikes, wrong chart previously, so I replaced it with the correct one Red : AutoWealth (1.88%) Orange : STI (-0.67%) I started investing with AutoWealth in October 2017. For almost the entire duration from October 2017 (9 months), the AutoWealth portfolio under-performed...

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Turtle Thoughts

SG Index ETFs Dividends

ABF Singapore Bond ETF (A35) : Annual
a) 02-Jan-2015 >> SGD$0.0305
b) 04-Jan-2016 >> SGD$0.0265
c) 03-Jan-2017 >> SGD$0.0214
d) 02-Jan-2018 >> SGD$0.0261

SPDR STI ETF (ES3) : Bi-Annual
a) 29-Jan-2016 >> SGD$0.051
b) 29-Jul-2016 >> SGD$0.042
c) 02-Feb-2017 >> SGD$0.053
d) 28-Jul-2017 >> SGD$0.048
e) 01-Feb-2018 >> SGD$0.053

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