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CPF Money That Keeps Growing (2018)

This blog post involves CPF talk. To spare you the agony, if you are not keen on the topic, do not read any further! I have no interest in arguing, convincing, or justifying anyone or anything here. P/S : I do not advocate topping up of CPF. No no no. I have never done so in my life. *** Once again, I am back to keep a running update of this series of CPF posts which I’ve started in 2015. CPF Money That Keeps Growing (2017) CPF Money That Keeps Growing And Growing (2015) I’m definitely considered as being less...

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Practical Guide To Pseudo Crypto-Currency Index Investing

Disclaimer : This post contains affiliate links that share a commission with me. There is no additional cost to you. Most of us who dabbled in crypto-currency made money. I did, too. If you have put in your own money into crypto-currencies prior to 2018 and didn’t make money, you’re doing something really, really wrong. I’m not going to talk about how much I’ve made yada-yada yada-yada. This is way too early for this sort of talk. What I would like to talk about it is this. Performing some sort of index investing within the crypto-currency universe. See how the crypto...

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Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018 – What A Year!

Looking back at 2017, it has been an incredible year in so many ways. Lots of development that are very much related to index investing too! Let’s touch on some topics then, shall we? The Rise Of Robo-Advisors This is no doubt the year of Robo-Advisors for Singapore, and they made a huge splash. For retail investors, there is AutoWealth, Smartly and StashAway (in alphabetical order) to choose from. My experience with AutoWealth I invested with StashAway too Smartly looks like it stalled Time will time whether they would be able to sustain themselves and mount serious challenge. Even...

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ABF Singapore Bond Index Fund – Dividend 2018

Annual public service announcement! Dividends for ABF Singapore Bond Index Fund is coming up. SGX is one of the best source of dividends information and I’ll re-post it here, for your convenience especially if you’re holding it. For your information, the dividends for ABF Singapore Bond Index Fund [A35] is/was : 2015 – S$0.0305 2016 – S$0.0265 2017 – S$0.0214 2018 – S$0.0261 (2.23% yield based on 26-Dec-2017 closing price of S$1.171) To get your 2018 payout, do note the following – Ex-Date : 2nd Jan 2018 Payment Date : 15th Jan 2018 To get such information yourself from SGX,...

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One Small Step Towards Financial Security – HDB Loan

It is once again the time of the year when I review the good, the bad and the ugly of the year. Pleasantly surprised when I did the maths on my outstanding HDB loan vs my CPF-OA account. The government gave me a nice gift of $3000 in my CPF-OA and $2000 in my CPF-MA for my outstanding contributions towards defending our nation. You might remember my stand on HDB loan if you have read my previous posts. I’m not a big fan of voluntary top-ups and OA-to-SA transfers for reasons of my own. I bought my HDB apartment...

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Turtle Thoughts

Index ETFs Dividends

ABF Singapore Bond ETF (A35) : Annual
a) 02-Jan-2015 >> SGD$0.0305
b) 04-Jan-2016 >> SGD$0.0265
c) 03-Jan-2017 >> SGD$0.0214

SPDR STI ETF (ES3) : Bi-Annual
a) 31-Jul-2015 >> SGD$0.049
b) 29-Jan-2016 >> SGD$0.051
c) 29-Jul-2016 >> SGD$0.042
d) 02-Feb-2017 >> SGD$0.053
e) 28-Jul-2017 >> SGD$0.048

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