Maybank Family & Friends Platinum MasterCard now has a requirement for a minimum spend amount of $500 per month in order to qualify for the 5% cash rebates. This makes it somewhat on par with a couple of alternative credit cards in the Singapore market.

With effect from 1 April 2014, to enjoy the 5% cash rebate at selected merchant outlets on your Maybank Family & Friends Platinum MasterCard, a minimum spend amount of S$500 per month is required. Otherwise, the 0.3% cash rebate will apply.

A easy workaround to the minimum spend problem is to arrange for recurring payment for your town council conservancy fees and telcos (Starhub, SingTel, M1 etc) to be charged to this credit card. This is exactly what I have done to ensure that my minimum amount will easily exceed $500.

MayBank Family & Friends Platinum MasterCard

Minimum spend $500 per month, cash-back cap at $600 per year.

  • Enjoy 5% cash rebates at selected merchant outlets
  • Plus earn 0.3% cash rebates on all other purchases

Standard Chartered SingPost Platinum Visa Credit Card

Minimum spend $500 per month, cash-back cap at $50 per month. At 6% cash-back, this card allows you to clock your rebates at the fastest speed.

  • 6% CashBack on purchases at selected supermarkets in Singapore (e.g. NTUC Fairprice, Cold Storage, and Giant).
  • 2% CashBack for eligible online transactions.
  • 0.25% CashBack on other eligible retail purchases.


Requires qualifying transactions of at least equivalent to S$50 at at all merchants worldwide that have their main business activities classified as “grocery stores and pharmacies”. Not too keen on the S$50 minimum spend per transaction, even though there is not stated minimum spend per month which is great.

  • More savings on petrol: Up to 18.3% at Esso and 18.1% at Shell stations
  • Up to 5% savings on all groceries and health & beauty / pharmacies spend
  • Up to 2% savings on all dining spend

Citi PremierMiles Visa Card

Special mention for Citi PremierMiles Visa Card. Many people might not take another look at this card, but this card is incredibly versatile for clocking miscellaneous expenses, getting you basically 1.2% cash rebates for any local expenses. You can ignore the Miles aspects of the card and utilize cash rebates – I have been using this for a couple of years.

  • Earn 2 Citi Miles with every S$1 spent overseas, and 1.2 Citi Miles with every S$1 spent locally.
  • No min. spend required
  • Citi Miles never expire
  • Get cash rebates on any travel related purchase – 2,000 Citi Miles = S$20 value*