Without realizing it, time has slowly approached the one year mark when I first began my Index Investing journey. With 37,000 page views (and counting) on my Blogger website, it was certainly surprising that people would be interested in reading the ramblings of a novice Index Investor.

To be honest, I had little clue of how, and where to start in the beginning. I only knew that I’ve got start to start investing as soon as possible, since time is essentially money. My mind was clouded with questions.

What instruments should I be investing in?

What instruments should I be putting my money into? Stocks? Bonds? Gold? Unit trust? Investment-linked insurance policy? It seemed like everyone had a different view as to which is the path to infinite wealth. I didn’t even know what was Index Investing back then.

What countries should I be investing in?

Singapore (SGX) is my home country, but it seemed like the big boys are all plying their trade in the US stock markets where the DOW or NASDAQ reign supreme.

What sectors should I be investing in?

Financial sector is where the money is at, isn’t it? But look what happened when the financial crisis hit? Technology stocks seemed cool, but Facebook tanked in the beginning, didn’t it?

Millionaire Teacher’s 9 Rules of Wealth

Millionaire Teacher - Index Investing

Alas, a chance encounter brought Andrew Hallam’s Millionaire Teacher to my attention. I downloaded the first preview chapter, liked what I saw, and went on to purchase it without a second thought.

Without giving too much away (if you’re a novice investor, you really ought to get the book), the nine rules are –

  1. Spend Like You Want to Grow Rich
  2. Use the Greatest Investment Ally You Have
  3. Small Percentages Pack Big Punches
  4. Conquer the Enemy in the Mirror
  5. Build Mountains of Money with a Responsible Portfolio
  6. Sample a “Round-the-World” Ticket to Indexing
  7. Peek Inside a Pilferer’s Playbook
  8. Avoid Seduction
  9. The 10% Stock Picking Solution

After reading Millionaire Teacher: The Nine Rules of Wealth You Should Have Learned in School, I was convinced that Index Investing is the direction that I would be taking, given my goals, age, obligations, risk appetite and time horizon.

Don’t take my word for it. Read up on various strategies (e.g. Permanent Portfolio, Income Investing, etc.), compare them against Index Investing, and decide for yourself.

By now, some of the questions I had have already been answered, in terms of the which instruments (Index Fund and Exchange Traded Fund) to invest in, which countries should I focus on (Singapore, for a start) and which sectors (Indexing pretty much guarantees some form of diversification, but not necessarily in the way you’d imagine it to be).

Millionaire Teacher FREE Book Giveaway

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Why am I doing this?

Well, take it that I’m giving back something to the community. When I started my index investing journey, countless websites and blogs have helped me tremendously and these folks wrote and contributed without expecting any reward.

As the readership of my blog grew, I decided to put on a couple of online ads which made a tiny bit of money, of which I’m using it for this giveaway. I’m hopeful that someone will benefit from it the way I did one year ago.

As for the rest of the money (a grand total of S$15), I’ve donated it to Club Rainbow, a registered charity committed to helping children and youths suffering from a range of chronic and potentially life-threatening illnesses.

I like to think of it as an early Christmas gift for the kids. Please help to donate too! =)

Club Rainbow Donation

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Is Index Investing for Me?

Maybe yes, maybe no. Everyone has different personalities, characteristics, and of course different approaches to the idea of investing. There is no holy grail that works for every single person. If not, wouldn’t everyone be rich and wealthy as a result? Ultimately, you will have take responsibilities for managing your own money.

Happy Indexing!