I have been neglecting my blog for quite some time, why? Because I was busy with consolidating my web hosts into a single one. Why not take the chance to revamp my blog as well? Uninstalled plugins that are obsolete. Removed some ugly codes. Changed to a new theme that is easier to work with.

Anyway, things are rather quiet on the investment front for now, but I’m expecting Smartly and the highly anticipated Singapore REIT ETF to make a couple of splashes before the end of 2016. These two developments would be sure to make me think long and hard about my asset allocation.

New Look

One of the comments was that it was kind of messy and difficult to look for exactly what the reader wanted. I felt that the new blog layout should give the new reader a clean, bird’s eye view of everything. Nah, I’m not going to wait for everything to be completed before rolling out the changes – so here you go! Hope it helps.

The homepage is divided into three sections plus the top menu bar. As usual, the top menu bar will have the static pages of information. The category drop-down box lists the six main categories of blog posts.


The sidebar on the right is still the masak-masak stuff I have.

The obvious change is the addition of a Tweeter block right at the top. I’m not a big fan of tweeter but I felt that it would be a great tool for interaction and putting out bite-size, one-sentence stuff that is too short and trivial for a blog post. Or perhaps just random thoughts, or interesting things I come across.

Main Content

The main content is on the left. On the top are the latest blog posts which is what most people are interested in, followed by the most read posts. In the next section, I have split the blog posts into six categories, choosing to show the latest three from each category.

These are probably how I would categorize my future posts. Different readers are interested in different topics, so this helps a little bit.

Travel Category

One quirky addition is a new Travel category that, at first glance, doesn’t seem to fit in too much with the finance niche. It is actually the result of consolidating my blogs as I have found it too time-consuming to manage different blogs. What’s going to happen is that I am going to post travel content that may have a finance spin to it. For example, my post with 43 tips to save money received some very nice feedback, and I learnt a few new tricks along the way.

For starters, there is going to be a new series of posts on the whole air miles game if you’re interested in getting more for less. I had actually re-started my miles project this year (my last business class flight was four years ago) and I’m guessing the perspective of how an Average Joe can possibly experience a business or first class flight would make an interesting read.

Mailing List

If you want to be updated of all new blog posts, please sign up for my mailing list via the form below. No spam, ever. As always, you’ll be eligible for the annual book giveaway. Yup, I’m the old school kind of guy who feels that nothing beats reading and flipping a real book.

Bye for now. I’m aware of some bugs with the layout on mobile, but do let me know if any part of the blog is broken. Thanks!