If you’ve been reading my blog, no doubt you would have gotten plenty of FREE stuff already. A couple of the most popular ones include :

Insinc Cash Rewards

Now, you’re gonna get $10 off when you purchase grocery from RedMart! Plus, they deliver for free right to your doorstep, 7 days a week.

* 22/07/2014 Added more information below after getting a couple of enquiries

When you sign up for RedMart through this link you get free $10 RedMart Credits to spend on your first purchase at RedMart. As long as your first purchase hits $49, RedMart throws in a free delivery as well. $10 off a purchase of $49 means a 20% discount for you! Subsequent deliveries are free if you can hit $75, plus you can still use whatever discount codes you can find. I’ve tried it and it is legit, plus the delivery guy was punctual as well so no complains there.

In the spirit of full disclosure, you don’t necessarily have to sign up through my referral link because I will get a $10 credit when you do so. If you go to RedMart’s official website and dig for the free coupon code, you’re gonna get the $10 credit anyway.

If you are feeling nice, feel free to reward me! Aaaaaaand for your efforts, I will thank you in advance by sharing that RedMart will enclose two additional coupon codes (each is a $10 off) during the first delivery, plus a third coupon code (another $10 off) via email after you’ve made the first purchase. (information valid as of 19th July 2014) However, you can only use a single code in each purchase so do take note.

Give Me Free $10 RedMart Credits

What is RedMart?

RedMart is Singapore’s leading online store for groceries and household essentials. With thousands of products at great prices, 2 hour delivery windows, and free delivery over $49 for first time customers and $75 for subsequent orders, life just got a lot more convenient.

Grocery stores are not going away, but in today’s digital world, consumers want to interact with retailers any time, anywhere, on any kind of device, including with their grocers,” Facebook co-founder and billionaire Saverin, who resides in Singapore, told The Sunday Times in an e-mail interview. He is part of a group of high-profile investors who have pumped US$23 million (S$28.55 million) into local online grocery retailer RedMart.

Bonus Round!

Heck, to round off the incredible free KECHING blog post, you can receive cash rewards of up too $100 when you set up new GIRO arrangements on your Maybank accounts! You gotta be quick though, since the promotion ends on 31st July 2014.

Enjoy the savings!