Just a short post before I head for one of my annual vacations. For this 10-day trip, I’m headed to Japan for the cherry blossoms – fingers crossed that there will be some left – and I’ll make a pitstop at Taipei before coming back home.

Travelling don’t always have to be expensive! Check out my must-see my guide on how I cut costs. It can be manageable and affordable if you know what to do, and how to do it.

Budgeting plays a huge part too, since I tend to spend less on other things. I don’t need the newest iPhone or Samsung. I don’t need a flashy tablet, too. I don’t splurge on “branded” clothings, bags or shoes.

I very much prefer to buy experiences. BULLy the BEAR wrote an excellent article on the hedonic treadmill and referenced this article. I didn’t even know there was such a thing!

While we quickly adapt to that new handbag or pair of shoes, a good experience provides a happy memory that can be revisited again and again, with less threat of adaptation.

Nifty Lazy Portfolio Tool

Don’t miss me too much – here is a nifty little tool for you to play with while I’m temporarily gone. This website is called Portfolio Charts and it has a collection of popular lazy portfolios for you to reference. Unfortunately, it is in US-context only but still good to have.

Why, yes? The Bogleheads Three-Fund Portfolio is only one of the many lazy portfolios that you can construct. Remember how I mentioned that index investing could very well mean we have simply transitioned from a stock-picker to an asset-picker?

If so, what assets should we pick? For example, you might be keen on the Permanent Portfolio.


Why not take a look at how it has performed? Or perhaps you prefer the Bernstein Portfolio or the Bogleheads Portfolio? The heatmap feature, in particular, is awesome.

Hope you will enjoy the website and find it useful, as much as I have. Enjoy!