A feeling of deja vu. The Straits Times Index ETF roughly ended the same way it ended 2012, at $3.21.

As a real life case study, I have bought around 1,400 shares for Nikko AM STI ETF100 (G3B), at an average rate of roughly 100 shares each month. The average cost per share (excluding trading expenses) currently stands at S$3.2486, a little over a cent and a half higher than the price now (S$3.23) as I’m writing this post. Dividends collected came to a grand total of S$71.50 for 2013.

This is not Dollar Cost Averaging. I would have preferred to DCA, but we will have to wait for the Singapore Exchange (SGX) to reduce the standard board lot size to 1 unit before it is possible. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we would be able to trade in lots of 100 units by this year, and in single units by 2015.

As you can see from my purchase log, I’m not too particularly about when I make the purchase in the month. Start of the month, end of the month, middle of the month – I’ve done it all. Heck, I’ve even forgotten during a month or two. As long as I have the discipline to stick my program, I’m guessing everything will average out over the course of my investment lifetime.

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