This was really more of a random thought that came across my mind – so I did it on impulse! With all the comments (up to 20s, 30s and even 50s per post) and emails that I’ve been receiving, I figured some of you might like to join a group or something to continue the chat and discussion on Index Investing.

What I wanted to do is to have a cozy place for more casual and social interactions, as I understand some of you lovely folks might prefer to ask questions and clear your doubts in a smaller group environment. I doubt the number of people interested would be that high – which ruled out a more formal structure like a forum. A Facebook group seemed perfect for such a use!

If you are interested to join the Facebook (closed) group I have just created, I would need your email address so that I can invite you into the group.

I Need Your Email To Invite You (No Spam)

Edit (5th Aug 2015) :

The Facebook email invite feature don’t seem to be working for some, so I have made some changes. Simply visit and click on Join Group.

You can email me directly – my address is right at the top menu bar. Or, you can leave me a message at my contact form. Perhaps, comment (leave your email) on this post too! While you’re at it, why not head over to my Facebook page and give it a LIKE!

The group isn’t just for Index Investing – if you wanna talk about low cost brokerage, budgeting, dividend withholding taxes, starting a blog to track progress etc, by all means go ahead!

Honestly, I’m not exactly sure how many people will actually be interested to join. Let’s wait and see!

I’ll play the role of admin/moderator but you are free to do whatever you want here. Chat, discuss, and answer each other’s queries. Be nice, no foul language, no spam, and respect one another, OK?