If someone were to offer you the following conditions in return for investing your money with them, would you give a second thought?

  1. Sales Charge : 0%
  2. Management Fee : 0%
  3. Performance Fee : 20% with high water mark
  4. Subscription Charge : $2000 (one-off)

There is in fact another criteria but I shall not reveal it for now. Any takers?

Edited on 13th Nov. 2014 / 1347hrs

From the emails and comments, looks like there are plenty of savvy investors out there, some who even knows what firm I’m talking about.

Without further delay, the last criteria is like what wx1985 have raised in the comments.

  • You have to be an accredited investor with an minimum investment of SGD 150,000.

Even though there is no lock-in period, early exit fees within the first 3 years apply. While not exactly affordable by many people (myself included), it is refreshing to see such a company in our little island.

Check out their website if you are interested to find out more.