[Category] Paid Survey
[Name] My Survey Singapore
[Reward] PayPal, NTUC, CapitaLand, Takashimaya, Popular, etc
[Redemption Threshold] 280 Points (SGD $5)
[Referral System] Yes – Email only
[Payment Proof] Yes

My Survey Singapore Website


My Survey Singapore website is simple and functional for a paid survey company. You can check out the user interface from the screenshot from my account below. With a generic name like My Survey, it doesn’t really stand out from the paid survey competition but guess what? It pays! I’ll be following up with my payment proof shortly to justify its tag as a paid survey.

Proof of Usage

Check out how the dashboard looks like after logging in to my account at My Survey.

My Survey User Interface

Official Website

At My Survey, consumer opinions count in a big way! Innovations inspired by consumer opinion research include air bags, anti-lock brakes, cash reward credit cards, and child-proof safety caps, to name a few. Our research results are regularly quoted in press such as the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, South China Morning Post, Bangkok Post and Business Time.

With the strong support of our panel members, we have developed the world’s largest consumer panel and we are the premiere global provider of consultative marketing information to major corporations worldwide.

My Survey Official Website