Now that I have officially embarked on my journey towards flying on Singapore Airlines Suites, here would be an excellent place to track my progress to show whether I managed to achieve it.

Bon voyage!

Airline : Singapore Airlines
Flight Class : Suites Class !!!
KrisFlyer Miles Req. (2-pax) : 85,000 [Beijing]
KrisFlyer Miles Req. (2-pax) : 127,500 [Melbourne]

Miles Available (Citi) : 11,285
Total Miles Available : 11,285 (13%)

** As of 1st October 2016 (Project officially started)

Miles Available (KrisFlyer) : 8,842
Miles Available (Citi)
 : 12,001
Miles Available (DBS) : 11,294 (5,647 DBS Points)
Miles Available (UOB) : 1,088 (544 UNI$)
Total Miles Available : 33,225 (39%)

** As of 16th November 2016

Miles Available (KrisFlyer) : 9,462
Miles Available (Citi)
 : 12,358
Miles Available (DBS) : 27,094 (13,547 DBS Points)
Miles Available (UOB) : 2,554 (1,277 UNI$)
Total Miles Available : 51,468 (60%)

** As of 17th December 2016

Miles Available (KrisFlyer) : 12,654
Miles Available (Citi)
 : 13,711
Miles Available (DBS) : 30,570 (15,285 DBS Points)
Miles Available (UOB) : 3,574 (1,787 UNI$)
Total Miles Available : 60,509 (71%)

** As of 16th January 2017

Miles Available (KrisFlyer) : 13,007
Miles Available (Citi)
 : 14,256
Miles Available (DBS) : 38,480 (19,240 DBS Points)
Miles Available (UOB) :5,354 (2,677 UNI$)
Total Miles Available : 71,097 (83%)

** As of 17th February 2017

Suites Class Miles Achieved


SUITES CLASS TARGET .. Almost There !!

There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign.

Robert Louis Stevenson


American Express Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer is an excellent way to kick-start your luxury air travel! Easily earn 9,000 miles by charging items that you would have spent on anyway onto your Amex card and you’re getting a boost towards your Business or First class ticket. The convenient aspect on it is that miles are automatically transferred for free into your KrisFlyer account every month. This is unlike other miles credit cards where this has to be manually done each time, plus it costs admin fee. Projected Total Bonus Earnings? 9,000 Miles!

  • First transaction bonus : 5,000 Miles
  • Spend S$700 in the first 6 months : 3,000 Miles
  • Spend S$50 in the first 3 months : Bonus 1,000 Miles when you sign up via my referral link (I get bonus miles as well, so this is a win-win situation)

Do note that the Annual Fee of S$176.55 (inclusive of GST) applies for the second year onwards as you do get the first year fee waiver. Don’t forget to cancel your card if you don’t wish to keep it!

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