I don’t really have a fixed date that I execute my monthly purchase of STI ETF, though usually I’ll do it at the second half of the month. Just a personal routine that’s all.

Got an SMS this morning when my order was filled, which caused me to take a double-take. The day before, I had placed a limit order of 100 share(s) at S$3.32. Imagine my surprise when my order was filled at S3.15!

Today must be my lucky day!

Bought via Standard Chartered Online Trading Account

Nikko AM Singapore STI ETF Order Price : $3.32
Average Price : $3.15 !!!
Order Quantity : 100 share(s)
Order Type : Limit Order
Status : Filled

Taking a look at Yahoo! Finance for today’s data, you would see the following :

Close : 3.33
Prev Close : 3.31
Open : 3.15
Bid : 3.31
Ask : 3.33