Once again, this post was inspired by my readers who are looking for something more than Index Investing. One day, what if you can’t help yourself and have an incredible urge to deviate from Index Investing? We are only humans, after all. Does this spell total disaster? Don’t worry, you’ll do just fine.

In the Millionaire Teacher’s last chapter, Andrew Hallam recommends that if you really cannot refrain from picking individual stocks, do not commit more than 10% of your portfolio for stock picking. This is one rule that I agree with, and stick to religiously.

Like I have mentioned previously, this blog is about a personal story. A real story. My story. I won’t kid you and declare that I don’t pick individual stocks. I like to keep my finance journey fun. Who says growing my wealth cannot go hand-in-hand with having some fun?

The next question is, what stocks am I holding on to, besides STI ETFs? Both are very interesting companies which appeal me for a variety of reasons.


Apple Inc. (AAPL)


No. of Shares : 1
Buy Price : $434.04
Prev Close : $489.56
Intention : Short / Mid Term


CapitaMall Trust (C38U)


No. of Shares : 1,000
Buy Price : $1.85
Prev Close : $1.98
Intention : Long Term


Trivial Question of the Day


Q : What does Apple and Capitamall Trust have in common?
A : Both pay quarterly dividends.

PS – It was only a little more than a month ago that the STI almost dived under 3,000 points, halting at 3,004 points. Looks like it is sitting tight at 3,147 points today. Life goes on.