Index Investing can be rather erm, boring, at times. Not wanting to sound like a broken record, I do my best to avoid repeating the same things on my blog. If you want constant positive reminders on Index Investing, feel free to like my Facebook page! You will be bombarded with articles on Index Investing from time to time.

I have a chart here, and nope, it isn’t the top secret, #nobodyshouldeverknow stock that I’m investing in. Truth be told, I haven’t exactly been writing too many blog posts. I probably average only one post a week at the moment but page views continue to look healthy.

uptrend turtle investor chart

Page views have been increasing, but in contrast, the number of questions and emails I have been receiving have gone in the opposite direction. Hooray! I have attempted to focus my posts on solving problems, and I do hope that my writings have continued to address the questions and queries that continue to bug beginner Index Investors in Singapore.

Less questions means my blog has actually helped to answer them? I hope!

There is no secret sauce to Index Investing that makes it work. Most of what I’m writing about can pretty much be found online as long as you make the effort to do so. I guess the Singapore context is main obstacle for most people keen to engage in Index Investing.

Have the market turmoil and uncertainty affected how I invest? Nope. I didn’t make a single change. On the contrary, I scooted off to Sydney for a week’s vacation. Remembered how I scored a cheap deal when making my Sydney trip hotel reservation some time back?

Quick Tip To Get A Cheap Hotel Room Upgrade

Here’s a good tip for you if you want to surprise your significant other or pamper yourself, and yet don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket. If you want to get a cheap upgrade, the best time to try is during weekends if you are staying at a 4-star or business hotel.

Why? That’s when occupancy tend to be lower. Take it as an insider information from someone who works in the hospitality industry.

We landed in Sydney after a really early flight. Sauntering up to the check-in counter, I politely asked if I could get an early check-in plus if there is any “good” upgrade options. Chances are, front-office staff are trained to up-sell rooms to you and they know what margins and leeway they have. Occupied rooms are better than empty rooms, regardless the price.

At AUD$20 a night, I got an early check-in, upgrade to top-floor city-view with balcony (honestly the best view on the hotel) and unlimited WIFI access.


Mercury Sydney Hotel Central Station Top Floor Balcony

We stayed right at one of the exits of Sydney, Central Station. The second time I tried this at the hotel, I was initially offered an executive room with bottle of champagne, some perks, blah blah, at $50 bucks a night. After a little haggling (you can do that at hotels?!) I eventually got the price down to $30 bucks but I decided to save the money. Cheapo me.

Give it a try next time? The results may surprise you. There’s no harm in trying, after all!


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