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I’ve skipped book #2 and #3 and selected book #4 of Show Me The Money series by Teh Hooi Ling, which I felt was an excellent read. After blogging for so long, many times I realized that the journey is much more than just investing. One free copy is available for a lucky reader!

Aptly titled “Ideas and Philosophies to Navigate Life and the Markets”, I’m sure it will be a fantastic addition to your bookshelf.

If you are more into discussions and would like to join our Facebook Group, welcome! Created one and a half years ago, I thought that no one would join. Amazingly, we have just crossed the 500 members threshold, which is even more ‘Likes’ that my Facebook Page has 😀

Looking forward to growing the group organically. The only way to know of this closed group (approval is required to join) is through this blog, and word-of-mouth from fellow members. No gimmicks, and no advertising. Any member/post that blatantly violates the rules would be blocked/deleted.

Question : There has been quite a few emails received since I published the post on blogging income. If you are interested in having a Facebook Group based on Alternative Income, drop me a message or leave a comment on this blog. I don’t mind quickly creating one so that you can get to chat and interact with fellow readers who are interested. Like the index investing group, it would be largely left to group moderation and censorship.

That’s all I have for now. Happy New Year, and I hope you win!