As much as I enjoy leeching off other people on the internet, the time has come for me to give back some. The Turtle Investor Toolkit is a nifty collection of useful apps, websites and paid services that I’m currently using to make my life easier. For some of them, I have previously blogged about.


You Need A Budget | referral link (1 month free) | blog posts

Apps (Mobile)

Financial Calculator | website
Spiking | website
Ticker | website
You Need A Budget | referral link (1 month free) | blog posts

Portfolio Management (Computer)

Stocks Cafe (Singapore) | website | blog posts
Financial Times (International) | website | blog posts


Smartly : website | blog posts
StashAway  : referral link (6 months free) | blog posts

The above contains affiliate links at times that share either a commission or offer free usage of paid services. There is no additional cost to you and very often, gives benefits that you can take advantage of. I only recommend products or services that I believe in. 🙂

More Than Index Investing

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