A common problem faced by novice investors like myself – what if S$300 isn’t enough to purchase a single lot (100 units) of Nikko AM Singapore STI ETF [ticker symbol G3B], which is already the bare minimum?

The price of Nikko AM Singapore STI ETF at closing today is S$3.26 – the market kind of rallied after US averted the fiscal cliff, for now. You realize that S$300 is not enough for you to purchase one lot. You simply save the money and wait for next month.

If you’re investing and not speculating, you’re in this for the long haul. Not being able to invest monthly shouldn’t matter to you at all.

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Drizzt from Investment Moat is an excellent writer, and his article that I’ve linked would be a great read for all index investors. Do spend some time going through his other articles too. I’m sure there is something for everyone to benefit from.