A short post to congratulate the winners of the Turtle Investor 2015 Annual Giveaway. The winners are already reading their books as you are reading this now!

I had used a random number generator and applied it on the entire email subscriber list which contained subscribers from 2013 all the way until 31st December 2015. Basically, it picked a winner for me! Cool eh?

Lucky Winner of Annual Giveaway 2015

A subscriber since December 2014, Lo is the lucky reader who got picked, and had received his copy of Show Me The Money Book 1 (Teh Hooi Ling) in January 2016. I had requested him to send me a hand written note, just for the fun of it! Oh yeah, I threw in freebies I had gotten from overseas trips too! Ain’t I generous?

I am surprised to know I won because I never had luck in any lucky draws until now! – Lo


Surprise Winner of Annual Giveaway 2015

I had initiated a surprise giveaway on the blog post itself which announced the 2015 annual giveaway – one winner was selected out of the list of readers who left a comment. Again, selected via a random number generator.

And no, these folks aren’t made up by me. So happened their (nick)names are J and Lo – haha!


Hello from Cambodia! Thanks again for the book. It’s been lovely reading it while on vacation. – J

How awesome is that? I wanna go to Cambodia too!


Just yesterday, I chanced upon a video which really struck a chord with me. Dicky Cheung recounted a true story of how he was given a lifeline by Andy Lau when he was down and out, at the brink of bankruptcy.

For non-Chinese readers, it translates to “Teach what we learn, give what we have”. Two simple phrase – something that I have been trying to achieve through my little writing space here. My wife and I are also considering adopting a child from World Vision, but we’ll see how it works out. Anyway, hope that you have gained something by being here!


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