In the beginning, it started from a simple email correspondence from the folks at Poseidon Financial who wanted to share their writings – I gladly obliged by sharing it on my Facebook page. Then came yet another article, which I thoroughly enjoyed as well.

One of the most unexpected positive outcomes of writing on a blog is the kind of interaction I’ve had with investors not just in Singapore but overseas as well, which really opened my eyes to investing perspectives not just within our sunny shores.

Index investing is catching up all over the world.

I was learning more, and sharing more. A couple of days back, I received an invite from ETF Reference for a monster post on ETF investing tips. In total, 57 contributors (including myself) came up with over 400 tips which was eventually trimmed down to a quality selection of 101 tips. With contributors from assets managers to finance bloggers, it was an interesting mix of opinions quite unlike others, with mainly sound advice for first-time investors building a long-term portfolio.

From their previous articles, I trusted the guys that they would do a decent job of curating and compiling the information. I shall share some of my personal favourites below.

Tips on avoiding common mistakes,

  • #8 Don’t watch the ticker!
  • #23 The biggest mistake is simply not saving enough. Saving 5% of your gross income isn’t adequate to provide a reasonable retirement, no matter what you invest it in.
  • #25 Overestimating their risk tolerance.

On ETF investing misconceptions that people tend to have,

  • #59 Just because (ETFs) they’re easier to trade means that you should be trading them more.
  • #65 Bond ETFs will behave like bonds.

Finally, some food for thought, especially the last one!

  • #98 It’s not the returns you make. It’s the returns you keep.
  • #101 Be wary of “experts.”

In case you’re thinking of reading up on a couple of investing books, the bonus section has plenty of good ideas for you. Why not check out 101 ETF Experts Investing Tips for yourself?


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