I didn’t used to like reading. For some reason, I never enjoyed it when I was younger, and I dreaded those darn holiday assignments where you had to read a book or two and give book reviews. I never did learn about the Chinese proverb “A Book Holds A House Of Gold”.

Things changed when I enlisted in the army. During one of those overseas deployments, I brought along with me a copy of Tom Clancy’s novel and it was like being re-acquainted with an old friend. The rest was history.

During my pak-tor days, I would send my girlfriend (now my wife) home after dates, and the trip back to my own place via public transport would usually be more than an hour. I got myself a trusty Palm Tungsten (gasp!) which was pretty much the grandfather of smartphones. Did you know that back then in early 2000s, you could already borrow e-books from national library and load them into your PDA (personal digital assistant)? Say yes to unlimited number of books!

Electronic Version Of A Book Holds A House Of Gold

A Book Holds A House Of Gold

Many Chinese would be familiar with the proverb – 书中自有黄金屋 – which literally translates into A Book Holds A House Of Gold. I didn’t read much about finance stuff back then. In the past, parents would motivate their children to study hard, as a good education was the key to making money i.e. gold. It was only much closer to recent years that the proverb started to make a whole lot of sense to me! Indeed, a good book (or two) can lead you to a house of gold!

I love to read on lots of different things, including air travel (Cockpit Confidential, Patrick Smith), hospitality industry (Heads in Beds, Jacob Tomsky), Buddhism-lite (Being Peace, Thich Nhat Hanh), finance (A Random Walk Down Wall Street, Burton Gordon Malkiel) and plenty of crime and suspense thrillers.

E-books are increasingly more accessible (and cheaper) than ever, but nothing beats having a physical book in my hands. The flipping of pages. The smell of paper. Irreplaceable.

This is not a sponsored post. Just ramblings from a guy who likes to read. Do you enjoy reading? Which book(s) inspired you?


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