At the time of this post, I’m probably somewhere over the Indian Ocean, high up in the clouds. Where am I heading to? Well, how about the best hotel in the world! For one week 🙂

A short while back, I wrote a 3-part blog posts on how to get a good deal for a Maldives getaway, which was compiled from years of experience from travelling, plus employment in the hospitality industry, and I was rather happy to hear from some of you about your plans and especially when you shared where you were heading to. I know, it is so difficult to choose, right?! And unlike some bloggers out for quick money, I try to write more about stuff I have used, things I did and experiences I have had for authenticity.

It was almost two years back when I first got to know of this exclusive resort, and at first glance I knew that it would not be the top choice for many people. Of course, price is always a consideration but more importantly, the idea of rustic luxury does not exactly appeal to everyone. Just like why I wouldn’t pay for expensive abalone since I don’t like it.

Wait a minute. Isn’t a trip to Maldives expensive? Isn’t a finance-related blog typically about frugality and delayed gratifications, while at the same time growing the money we have now such that we may enjoy the fruits of our labour and achieve financial freedom asap?

To some, maybe. I can’t and shouldn’t dictate how people should live their life. Whichever works for you! All along, it has been about sharing what I do, and I happen to believe in selective frugality.

Let’s see. I have been wearing the first and only watch I had since I graduated, and that is soon reaching a decade. A no-frills, sub-$200 analogue watch that has no functions apart from telling the time and requiring a battery change once a year. Why change?

Then again, I don’t mind splurging a small fortune on buying experiences. Physical objects wear and tear. Memories are forever – well, almost, in my humble opinion.

When it comes to going for overseas vacations, Singaporeans are well known for being globetrotters. Being relatively affluent really helps! I’m not sure they really love travelling (experiencing the locals way of life, living in their apartments, going for walking tours, eating local food and DIY-ing their own itinerary etc) or are they trying to use travel as a form of escape. I sure hope it is the former.

My number one hobby/expense outside of sustenance is travel. It takes up a good couple of percent (usually 6-8%) of my disposable income. In case you’re wondering, I didn’t use my future money i.e. credit card YOLO! ke-ching on this. I literally put aside money over the course of two years for this. Besides, I have my trusty app, YNAB, to thank for this.

For an investment spin on things (I guess everything can also can link to $ hahaha), the resort I’m headed to was acquired by Hotel Properties Limited (H15:SGX) in 2012 and has gone on to win the Best Hotel Award by TripAdvisor in 2015. If HPL doesn’t sound familiar to you, perhaps the name “Ong Beng Seng” will.

Wait for my trip review when I’m back!

Till I write again,
Kevin, Turtle Investor
Gili Lankanfushi, Maldives