Hello there! I’m Kevin.

At age 37, I hit CPF Full Retirement Sum (FRS) on the last day of 2019, twelve years after graduating from university. I am married and owns a 4-room BTO apartment. I continue to be gainfully employed to build up my portfolio and provide my loved ones with better lives 🙂

My investment journey started towards the end of 2012, when I picked up a copy of Andrew Hallam’s Millionaire Teacher. Andrew Hallam, being an English Teacher, is gifted with the ability to write clearly and concisely, making the topic of investment rather easy to understand. That’s when I finally decided to take action and dive into the exciting world of investment.

It would be fair to say that I look up to him tremendously. If not for his book, I would not have embarked on my investment journey, and there wouldn’t be this blog.

global expatriate guide to investing

Information on index investing in a local context (Singapore) was rather hard to come by back then (actually, it still is right now), which was why I started a blog back in December 2012 to document my journey and share my experiences.

Titled Index Investing In Singapore, it mainly talked about information I’ve come across, things I’ve done, resources I’ve found, and stuff like that. Along the way, people interested in index investing found the blog. Some asked questions, and I answered them when I could. Well, it turns out there were many people just like the “old” me, who were interested in index investing but just didn’t know how to get started.

I began to put in a little bit more effort into my mini-project. Because so many people were always asking me the same questions over and over again, I put up little tidbits of information – frequently asked questions, links to resources and even little guides of my own. I was creating information and guides that I was hoping to find when I just started index investing!

One year after I started my blog (November 2013), I decided to start my own website at turtleinvestor.net. The rest is history!

For the first year, I donated my earnings and sponsored the very first Turtle Investor Free Book Giveaway. Of course, it had to be Andrew Hallam’s book! I figured if it could inspire me, then it could do the same to someone else too.

Guess what? That turned into a yearly affair.


Turtle Investor will remain my special little project, a place where I can continue to share whatever I want, and learn together with you. It might not always be on index investing because I don’t think there is only a single approach to investment. You have to think and decide for yourself what’s best.

Last but not least ..

The author disclaims any liability, loss, or risk taken by individuals who directly or indirectly act on the information provided on this blog.