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STI ETF Purchase [19-Mar-2013]

I don’t really have a fixed date that I execute my monthly purchase of STI ETF, though usually I’ll do it at the second half of the month. Just a personal routine that’s all. Got an SMS this morning when my...

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REIT or Business Trust?

Index Investing can be rather .. uneventful. Buy, and re-balance periodically. After covering Permanent Portfolio previously, we focus on REITs and Business Trusts, which are dividend plays, as possible investments alternatives....

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What is Permanent Portfolio?

Updated on 17-Dec-2014 : Andrew Hallam’s new book (The Global Expatriate’s Guide To Investing) targets the topic of Permanent Portfolio. Read more about it here.   Permanent Portfolio is a portfolio construction theory...

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STI ETF Purchase [25-Feb-2013]

Bought via Standard Chartered Online Trading AccountNikko AM Singapore STI ETF Order Price : $3.34Order Quantity : 100 share(s) Trade Consideration : $334.00 [$3.34 x 100]Client Commission : $0.67 [$334.00 x 0.2%]SG Clearing Fee...

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