AutoWealth had its 3rd anniversary celebration at HRVST yesterday, and yours truly was lucky enough to be invited to grace their event – as their client, naturally πŸ™‚

Gotten myself a cool door-gift from AutoWealth. Hmm. A passport HODLer, it seems to be a timely reminder for clients who invested via robo-advisors, perhaps? Hidden meaning LOL.

I attended alone despite being able to bring along a guest (didn’t manage to find someone who is free haha), which often made it easier to strike conversations with random strangers who attend such events by themselves as well. Really enjoyed the casual chats with new friends I met during the event.

It was an interesting and fruitful session. It wasn’t designed to be a content-heavy as it was a celebration after all. The core team took turns to address the crowd. Tai Zhi (CEO) spoke a little about how far the company has grown since inception, with thousands of clients now and millions under management. He also touched on why he felt that 2019 would be a positive year despite the market turmoil recently.

Noel (COO) shared insights to the company’s plans in 2019. Expansion to Malaysia in on the cards, and clients can also look forward to an upgrade to the AutoWealth investment platform. In all likelihood, higher asset under management (AUM) could translate to lower fees in the long run.

Ming Zhen (Head of Tech) gave a sneak preview to the platform upgrade for the audience. Besides aesthetics improvements, there will be more features all of which does not go against the core philosophy of AutoWealth. I’m hesitant to share more details here because tech developments are typically subjected to changes and I’ll leave it to the team to share concrete details when they become available. These are definitely something I’ve been waiting to see.

Michael (Head of Wealth Advisory) had to skip past most of his slides due to time constraints. He highlighted two characteristics about AutoWealth investments – defensive qualities (i.e. more likely to lose a house due to earthquake than capital with AutoWealth) as well as longevity and sustained returns.

Beside delicious and innovative (vegan) food, there is cake-cutting and champagne popping. Luck wasn’t on my side and I didn’t win anything in the lucky draw.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the direction the company is going towards. It is definitely not all sunshine and rainbows – AutoWealth has existing competitors, and definitely more who have yet to set up shop in Singapore. Time and again, one thing that stood out was how exceptionally down-to-earth the AutoWealth team appears to be. What some may see as a potential weakness, I consider it as a strength.Β A glimpse of what I see in the team, I sense it from Christopher (Providend) as well πŸ˜‰

To be the leading robo-advisory platform in Asia that helps achieve the financial dreams of anyone and everyone.
– AutoWealth Vision

AutoWealth 3rd Birthday Promotion

AutoWealth is having a promotion for new and existing clients as part of their 3rd anniversary celebrations. You might get lucky and walk away with $1000 if you hit the criteria and gets selected during the ‘live’ draw. My review(s) of AutoWealth can be found in this blog postΒ and just so you know, I am not eligible for the lucky draw even if you do sign up with my referral code πŸ™‚