The other day, I logged-in to my account after receiving a notification from AutoWealth that re-balancing has been carried out. I wasn’t expecting ALL of iShares International Treasury Bond ETF (NASDAQ:IGOV) to be sold!

Texted my AutoWealth financial consultant on WhatsApp and had gotten the answer before the official mailer made its way to my inbox later that day at 9pm.

We are very pleased to inform you that we have completed our bi-annual ETF review. AutoWealth conducts this review to ensure your investment portfolio consists of ETFs of the highest quality.

In our review, we screened close to 7,000 ETFs globally and considered factors that include diversification effect, reputation of ETF provider, ETF fund size, liquidity, direct holdings of underlying assets, expense ratio and many others. Based on our rigorous analysis, we have identified the [SPDR Bloomberg Barclays International Treasury Bond ETF] as the best [International Government Bonds] to hold in your globally diversified portfolio.

The [SPDR Bloomberg Barclays International Treasury Bond ETF] will replace the existing [iShares International Treasury Bond ETF] in your investment portfolio.


AutoWealth will facilitate the transition in batches over the month of April 2019 to minimize any potential price pressure caused by large inflows and outflows of cash to the two ETFs. You are not required to take further actions.

So, there you have it. The next day (12th April), my AutoWealth account was promptly injected with units of SPDR Bloomberg Barclays International Treasury Bond ETF (NYSE:BWX). A simple comparison of the two ETFs :

The updated list of six ETFs in my AutoWealth portfolio is as follows :

Profile : Risk Level 3 / 60% equities + 40% bonds

  1. VTI : Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund ETF [31.4%]
    (US Equities)
  2. VGK : Vanguard FTSE Europe Index Fund ETF [12.6%]
    (Europe incl. UK Equities)
  3. VPL : Vanguard FTSE Pacific Index Fund ETF [7.1%]
    (Asia Pacific Excl. Japan Equities)
  4. VWO : Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets Index Fund ETF [6.6%]
    (Emerging Markets Equities)
    – applicable only for risk level 3 and 4
    – for accounts with risk level 1 and 2 there will not be emerging markets component
  5. IEF : iShares 7-10 Year Treasury Bond ETF [12.8%] 
    (US Bonds)
  6. BWX : SPDR Bloomberg Barclays International Treasury Bond ETF [26.1%]
    (Ex-US Bonds)

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