I started investing with AutoWealth robo-advisor on 20/10/2017 and my portfolio allocation has never changed a single bit.

AutoWealth Portfolio Breakdown

This is how my portfolio breakdown looks like.

AutoWealth Portfolio Allocation

I am on risk level 3 and this meant that 60% of my money is on equities, and the remaining 40% is on bonds. Truth be told, I haven’t been too optimistic about the global outlook and felt that the 60/40 allocation would strike a delicate balance. Indeed, the bonds component helped out quite a bit with the volatility.

I am currently investing S$500/month with AutoWealth, which I felt is a nice amount because AutoWealth make purchases of whole units of ETFs on my behalf. At current prices, a single unit of ETF can range from US$28 for BWX or US$167 for VTI. This makes the allocation and re-balancing much more fine-grain compared to someone who is investing say, S$100/month.

With the threat of Wuhan coronavirus, AutoWealth once again found it helpful to roll out some educational materials in case investors make stupid impulsive decisions. I stole this from their Facebook page – they probably won’t mind since I helped to promote their services šŸ˜›

So, which kind of investor are you?

  1. Do nothing?
  2. Buy at a discount?
  3. Switch to a lower risk portfolio?
  4. Sell sell sell!

I have said it before. If the market sees a significant downturn, I am going to turn up my risk level to level 4.

This would mean that 20% of my money in bonds would immediately be diverted into equities. All I need to do is one click of my mouse button, and my invisible war-chest would be put to good use.

Assuming that the market downturn persists, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing (since we can “buy low”), each of my future top-ups would have $400 going into equities, $100 more than usual.

I have written a lot on AutoWealth. You can start here in case you are interested šŸ™‚

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