Yesterday, I exported my automated AutoWealth transactions and imported them into a newly created “AutoWealth” portfolio in Stocks Cafe – which is an awesome product, by the way, and one that I’m happy to pay for.

Stocks Cafe supports SGX, HKEX, KLSE and USX, which is great. This allows me to use it to track my AutoWealth robo-advisor investment.

* Yikes, wrong chart previously, so I replaced it with the correct one

Red : AutoWealth (1.88%)
Orange : STI (-0.67%)

I started investing with AutoWealth in October 2017. For almost the entire duration from October 2017 (9 months), the AutoWealth portfolio under-performed the STI, as you can see. Along with USD vs SGD currency fluctuations, investors in robo-advisors are starting to recognise what are the factors that can impact their returns.

My Wife’s Dividend Portfolio

Out of curiosity, how did my wife’s tiny dividend portfolio perform over the past year? It was started on the 3rd January 2017.

Red : Wife (23.81%)
Orange : STI (16.71%)

Again, the wife portfolio under-performed the STI for most of the tracked timeline. Along the way, I added AIMS AMP Capital Industrial REIT into her portfolio, and she has been happily collecting her crisp $50 dollar bills.

Kevin Bogleheads Portfolio (SG Components)

How can I miss out my own chart?

Red : Turtle Investor (43.82%)
Orange : STI (20.88%)

Chart begins from Christmas Eve of 2012. Almost identical in terms of chart patterns to the STI. No surprise there given that I’m primarily an index investor. Thankful that my itchy fingers and rebalancing have nudged me in the right direction, which allows me to provide my wife’s portfolio with capital guarantee.