Simple and short post this time but before I start, the historical entries can be found here :

The reason that I said it will be simple and short is because it is largely similar to what I have written in my 2018 report. Spent the year concentrating on work and increasing income. This meant that when it came to side-hustle like my blog, which is really an expensive (but profitable) hobby, what I have done hasn’t really changed. Instead, I’m really trying to achieve more by doing less.

I have continued to rely on Monumetric as my “sole” advertising partner and the only source of revenue for my blog. The blog requires a bit of revenue because a random CPF-related blog post can cause traffic to spike to 6000-7000 page views per day. More than once, my web-host will complain –


Actually, it wouldn’t be fair to call Monumetric my “sole” partner. While most starter blogs rely on AdSense for income due to their low barriers to entry, Monumetric is more like an aggregator. This means that advertisers like Google AdSense, Sovrn, AppNexus, GumGum and more are actively vying for my space.

This also explains why Monumetric can offer pay-per-view instead of pay-per-click. Enough talk, you want proof-of-payment, you get it.

Grand total of US$1,596 which translates to about S$2,165 for the year, which is a 37% improvement from last year. A full-month salary for some, you might say. True to that. Still a distance from the S$6,000 threshold.

Like I said, nothing much has changed in terms of strategy. Zero sponsored posts, which also means I can say anything I want.

Learning to make better use of SEO to write some posts that people are likely to read that I’m also interested in, such as (oddly) reward points redemption guides for KrisFlyer miles, CPF (duh) and (random) basic guide to renting out HDB etc.

This also meant that the blog averaged 800 page views per day for the entire year.


I didn’t really know that people read/follow the stuff I write until I created a temp Telegram account and started chatting with you all. Gobsmacked to have people telling me they have been following my posts for years without actually commenting 😀

I probably won’t keep the Telegram account beyond this year (which also means the groups would all be gone in a matter of time) but yeah, you know where to find me. And yes, I’ll definitely keep writing.

I don’t want to sell you anything. I probably don’t intend to sell you anything in the future too. Some blog(ger)s aren’t like that.

I don’t have seemingly noble intentions of making the world a better place. I started writing for myself. It is still the case, which is why I will continue writing. There will be many new bloggers, and many who will fade away.

Good luck! 🙂




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