The current financial bloggers community in Singapore has a generally good vibe and dare I say, a relatively good reputation as a whole. Yes, we are evolving as we speak. Sure, we may not always agree with each other, we may have different investment strategies, and some of us may even playfully “poke” one another from time to time. This does not mean we do not take the opportunity to learn from others and understand their point of view.

Is it because many of us have *ahem* nobler *cough* intentions when we started writing? Are our similarly aligned goals a boon when it comes to our attitude towards other bloggers?

I may not subscribe to certain investment strategies but I certainly enjoy reading about them on blogs. For myself, I am neither fighting for the most page views, nor the most Facebook likes. If you like what I write, that’s all I needed to know!

Simple People, Simple Deeds

What I really wanted to share today is this – one trait I have noticed among many, many financial bloggers (while blog surfing) is particularly heartening. Just to list a handful of them here – I’m sure nothing obvious will jump out at you at first glance of their blog names, some of which are surely recognizable to you all.

All of the writers of the blogs listed above, including mine, have an affinity for contributing to charity. Some of us contribute our time and efforts to worthy causes. Some of us donate our portfolio dividends to our charity organizations. Some of us give our blog earnings.

Lucky Folks, We Are?

Healthy bodies. Gainfully employed. A roof over our heads (that doesn’t leak during heavy rain, sarcasm intended). Hot meals daily. Best of all, no risk of natural disasters, yet. My wife and I consider ourselves lucky folks. We are infinitely many times better off than many people on this planet, and I’m thankful for it.

Do you consider yourself lucky?

Come to think of it, many of us have enough time/money to be able to think of investment, retirement or financial freedom. Perhaps it is not too much to ask to consider doing what we can for charitable causes, right?

Bloggers For Charity

Bloggers for Charity is not a movement or an initiative with tangible goals. There is nothing to pledge, nothing to auction, no target amount to reach, and absolutely no requirement at all for anybody to do anything.

Doing our bit for charity can be a pure and simple act of wanting to help. We do, because we want to. We give, because we care.

Bloggers for Charity is a simple thought that I have. (I have many thoughts these days, huh?) Bloggers have tremendous reach in the modern world we live in, and there is a whole lot that we can do for charity. Many of us just don’t realize it yet. It is entirely up to each and every one of us what we want to do, and whether or not we choose to do it.

Anyway, I hated those charity shows that we used to see on TV shows in the past. Why use a car or a condominium as a prize? Why perform dangerous stunts in a bid to attract more donations? I’m not saying these methods are not effective, and I’m sure the money and awareness raised benefited many. I just don’t like the manner of doing it.

Ten dollars might be a small sum to many, equivalent to about a year’s worth of dividends from only 1 lot (100 shares) of REIT. Ten bucks can be a week’s worth of pocket money for a needy kid – it could perhaps pay for simple lunch or canteen breaks at school.

Share & Care!

I just feel that every single one of us has the capability and capacity to help if we want to!

Instead of quietly donating money every month or every year, why not write a post on the beneficiary and share why you choose to give to them? Instead of quietly joining events for charity, why not write a post and raise awareness for your favourite cause?

I have created simple logos below – use them if you want to! The smaller one is 250 pixel by 80 pixel, whereas the bigger one is 300 pixel by 100 pixel. These should fit really nicely into your blog sidebars.

For the fun of it, there is a red/white version of it to match the theme of SG50!

Web  Web

Web  Web

This coming Sunday is Singapore’s 50th birthday, our golden jubilee. It has been an awesome 50 years. Let’s have another 50 fantastic years ahead of us! Instead of asking I can get out of it (retails sales, discount coupons, extra day of leave, bonus, etc), let me do something for our nation instead.

Happy Birthday Singapore!



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