If $$$ numbers are what you’re interested in, let’s dive straight into it first.

Ad Networks
– Google Adsense : S$59.61
– Monumetric : US$463.46

– Travel Smart Rewards : $68.00
– RedMart : S$280.00
– Airbnb : S$91.00

– Sponsored Post : S$90.79

Grand Total
– Singapore Dollars : $589.40
– US Dollars : $463.46

Ad Networks

If you’re thinking that you need fantastic traffic to start getting some decent earnings, don’t worry! You can see that my traffic is actually pretty average but the key is in the choosing the right program such as Monumetric.

If we cast aside other forms of earnings and consider only online ads, the difference is enormous. Comparing Yr 2015’s traffic of 90,559 visits to Yr 2016’s traffic of 98,359 visits, it is an increase of 8.6%. However, the increase of earnings shot up from S$407.19 to S$726.99, a massive 43.9% increase. This achievement was made on the back of the transition period of lost earnings during the start of 2016 as well. If you think Google Adsense > Nuffnang, wait till you experience premium advertising networks ?

What? You want more data? I get a few emails about this every now and then, and I’m happy to share. From 1st January 2016 to the time of this post, Turtle Investor clocked 155,939 page views. Data can be murky sometimes due to spam traffic, and I’m continuously filtering them out from my analytics data. Also, I’m getting a RPM of about US$3.89 for this year.

P.S. My quarterly income reports are periodically updated if you are interested.


Referrals for Travel Smart Rewards and RedMart have been trickling in but I’m not putting much effort into them. It’s ridiculous how I have started using RedMart since the first quarter of 2015 and yet, I have never made a single purchase that has required me to pay full price due to my credits earned.

I don’t usually track too much of the other referrals I make, but Airbnb is one of them! A couple of sign-ups (and trips taken) from my referral link (you get SGD$40) and I accumulated an awesome S$91 bucks for my next Airbnb stay.

American Express is a new referral program that I’m experimenting with and this is extremely helpful/awesome to kickstart that insane trip on Singapore Airlines First/Suites Class! Already 60% to my target! Unofficially, I have already achieved my goal because I can always choose to pay credit card renewal fees in 2017 in exchange for miles, and therefore effectively paying about $1041.20 for a pair of one-way SQ Suites Class tickets priced at $7,881.20 🙂


The end of the year is also the time when my blog incurs an annual mega expense in the form of web-hosting charges. This time round, I opted for an upfront payment of USD$288 for 2-years worth of web hosting (and get 20% discount instead of 10%) that will only expire in 2018. As the blog begins to earn more and more, I’m able to re-channel the income into stuff like this.


I got paid for a sponsored post that ironically, never got published, because the client called it off at the last minute. The darker side of it is the sheer number of unsolicited requests, and very often they not in line with what I believe in. These email requests that are rejected/ignored are more than 90%.

Want more? Check out my 2015 income report, and B has nice blog post on his 2016 online income as well 🙂

Added on 24th Dec 2016

After receiving quite a few emails, I put together these Q&As since I was getting asked a few popular questions repeatedly. Also, some of you like to see some screenshots so I’ve added them above.

Q : Is your income come from all your blogs or just your investing blog?
Kevin : I do have other blogs. However, this income report is based on Turtle Investor, and it’s previous version on Blogger that is no longer updated but still gets a few visits now and then.

Q : I just saw your recent post about Monumetric. How did you get to know about them and what got you to decide to go with them?
Kevin : I think it was in 2015 when I was looking around online for ad related opportunities that I stumbled upon Monumetric in online forums. Then it was known as the blogger network, TBN. It was one of those that catered to small/mid-size websites, and was popular in the US, although they operate globally. I had another bigger site so I signed up for free, but I wasn’t sure how optimized they are for the Singapore market. I tested the waters with Turtle Investor since I didn’t have much to lose, maybe $30-$40 a month, and it was easy to revert back to AdSense if things didn’t go well. Which kind of happened because they were in the middle of changing platforms and rebranding. Setup took time, statistics didn’t match up and there were missing data. If they don’t get traffic data, you don’t get paid. But from March 2016 onwards, it has been smooth sailing.

Q : Can I ask how your site is hosted? Is it via using WordPress?
Kevin : Turtle Investor is a self-hosted WordPress site. My web-host is Siteground and their plans start from US$3.95 per month. Read more about self-hosted WordPress here.

Q : How long have you been blogging and how frequently do you blog?
Kevin : Taking into consideration its predecessor​ (blogspot site)​​​, I started in 2012 December and I post about once a week on average these days. More like whenever I want, actually.

Q : Is it just you alone running the blog?
Kevin : Yes 🙂