I love buying stuff on online platforms during their mega sale events. Not the first time doing this on Lazada, so I roughly knew what to prepare for.

My vacuum cleaner is 8 years old – bought it when I moved into my brand new BTO. Since then, it has worked tirelessly. It was the Philips SilentStar and it is remarkably quiet on low-power settings!

With wear and tear, the motor is getting cranky and I can never understand how we are only using the 5th disposable vacuum bag after so long?! Parts were  disintegrating too .. so I looked for an alternative.

Everyone knows Dyson is overpriced cool but expensive. Even an older (2017) model V7 typically costs $699 to $799 at retail rate, depending on where (Courts, Best Denki, Harvey Norman, Best Denki, Tangs) you buy it.

Must buy newest meh? Personally, I’m OK with an ‘older’ model. My logic is simple – if I have been surviving well on a Philips vacuum cleaner from year 2011, of course having a Dyson from year 2017 would count as a massive upgrade.

Specs is important har? Different models have different specs, obviously. V7 is a ‘lower end’ model in comparison. Meaning lower suction power and the battery capacity is smaller – however, BTO is small enough for way less than 30-minutes worth of cleaning. I can probably squeeze in two sessions. The advantage is that V7 is lighter in weight and easier on the wrist!

Despite everything I’ve mentioned, it is obvious that I can never convince myself to buy a Dyson V7 at retail rate. That’s where Lazada sale comes in – one can stack vouchers and promo codes on top of merchant-given discounts. Ha – let that sink it.

Well? The V7 is listed at $599 offically but almost always having $50 off at Lazada. So we can get it at $549 on normal days.

Specifically for the Lazada mid-year sale, Dyson threw another $50 off (price dropped!) on the selling price even without the use of any vouchers. Nice – $499 now.

To entice consumers (probably to clear older stock), Dyson had a promo to collect vouchers before the event for $100 off for specific models, including the V7 (but not for V6). Awesome – $399 now.

Lazada’s sale mechanism is pretty awesome, because there are daily or limited time cash-value vouchers that can be collected before the sale period, and then stacked on top of the merchant/seller’s own voucher during purchase. In this case, it was a $20 off cash voucher. Fantastic – $379 now.

And then to top it off (I know, it seems ridiculous at this point I’m almost feeling guilty) during payments, know that certain banks’ credit cards enjoy a discount that further stacks on top of the price we’re paying. You will only see it at the payment screen. In my case, it was for POSB/DBS credit cards for another auto-applied voucher for $30 off. Amazing final price – $349 now.

Throw in the rest of my rebates from past purchases and tadah! Screenshots below just so you know I’m not bullshitting here. Collected another $14 in 4% rebates for future use (LiveUp membership) and earned almost another 1,400 miles by paying with DBS Woman’s World Card too 🙂

I usually don’t splurge on much stuff, and definitely there are knock-offs you can get at about > $100. Besides, I didn’t mind spending my side-hustle money to reward ourselves plus improve our quality of lives in the process.

Why not try out the same tactic during the next online sale?

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