Yet another reminder that life is like a box of chocolates – we cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand. 

A little while ago, wifey and I took a basic medical screening package. For myself, I know that I have a family history of cardio/heart issues and would be genetically more vulnerable to certain medical issues.

These were my results from two years back (Aug 2017) :

Triglycerides = 120 // optimal < 150 mg/dL
HDL Cholesterol = 62 // desirable > 40 mg/dL
LDL Cholesterol = 190 // optimal < 100 mg/dL

Now, I understand that lipid profile isn’t all black and white but it does give certain guidance. I eat fairly well in the right amounts, and I do exercise regularly, but I don’t control what I eat that much to be honest.

The desirable/optimal levels are subjected to change depending on the number of risk factors as well, but like I said – guidance. Didn’t do that well on the LDL part although triglycerides and HDL were great.

Fast forward to two years later (Oct 2019), yet another set of readings after some adjustment in lifestyle – small egg for breakfast :

Triglycerides = 104.55
HDL Cholesterol = 59.06
LDL Cholesterol = 106.54

All in all, pretty happy with my slow-but-steady progress. As per what the doc said, these are pretty much standard numbers and are very much in line with plenty of people around my age range.

What that’s mind blowing was my wife’s awesome numbers. I quote my doc’s exact words – “Gurkhas’ standard” and probably the best set of numbers he has ever seen.

Triglycerides = 80-ish
HDL Cholesterol = 60-ish
LDL Cholesterol = 50-ish

I know. My wife is amazing <3

(Just so you know, on a random day, she would probably be chomping on mala xiang guo, feasting on McSpicy or having instant noodles for supper)