I joined a couple of other table-top gamers for a game preview session for Wongamania : Banana Economy just a few days ago. Out of the blue, I had received an email from the creators of Wongamania, then one thing led to another, and there I was having a relaxing mid-week gaming session.

During the gaming session, I had the chance to chat a little bit with Xeo on gaming and he shared a little bit on the the game design aspects such as how and why the international version differed from the local version. Very enlightening indeed! I have always been a casual gamer and the conversation gave me the opportunity to learn a thing or two.


Wongamania is rather refreshing in the sense that it incorporated financial elements into a card game, plus it is made in Singapore. How rare is that? Aesthetically, it is beautifully designed with cute illustration.

I had previously heard of Wongamania but didn’t actually had the chance to try it out for myself. Even then, as a first-time player of the game, I was able to easily pick up the rules and gist of the game in the first round – and I won (due to luck). In the second round, we kind of up the challenge a little bit after getting familiar with the game mechanics and had fun trying to destroy each other’s path to winning the game.


I feel that that the game would appeal to audience with or without financial knowledge. Even for a kid or teenager, the mechanics are relatively simple to understand. For myself as an investor, it was rather interesting to see how instruments like stocks, property and bonds, or stages of economy like recovery, growth, recession and stagnant were incorporated into the game while we worked towards the end-game of accumulating three trust funds.

For example, the different stages of the economy impacts the income we receive from our assets, but at the same time they also affect the cost of accumulating those assets. Buying insurance, which costs in-game money, protects us from catastrophes and intentional “sabo-ing” from other players – very reflective of the real world indeed.


Pure brilliance! I can imagine the game as a tool in giving young ones a fun and basic introduction to the financial world.

Kickstart Wongamania Into Reality

Interested in helping to make the game a reality? You can visit Wongamania’s International Edition Kickstarter page and pledge some money to crowdfund the game. Just S$25 is sufficient to get you a copy of the physical game. For comparison, the current Wongamania First Edition retails for S$38.


Back Wongamania on Kickstarter now! All images used are copyright of Wongamania / Capital Gains Studio. Big thanks for Capital Gains Studio for the invite!