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P/S : I have had the good fortune of getting the opportunity to work with the following groups of wonderful people, mostly for free. My Contact link will always be on the top menu bar!

Who : SG Finance Bloggers
What : Investing Your First $20,000 E-Book

For the very first time, financial bloggers from Singapore have come together to pen an eBook. What if we had $20,000 to invest? What would we do?


In it, I had written a chapter which talked about a simple approach based on index investing. Download it and enjoy!

This ebook contains sound advice, reflections and the different perspectives of the leading financial bloggers in Singapore. It is a good starting point for someone who is about to embark on the first leg of his or her investment journey, or for those who have started the journey but don’t seem to be getting anywhere.

– Teh Hooi Ling, Head of Research, Aggregate Asset Management


Who : Monetary Authority of Singapore
What : My Money @ Campus Seminar



Who : Capital Gains Studio
What : Wongamania : Banana Economy Game Preview



Who : Picodi Singapore
What : Shop & Save With Picodi Codes & Deals



Who : ETF Reference / Poseidon Financial
What : 101 ETF Investing Tips from the Experts



Who : SingSaver
What : 25 Ways for Singaporeans to Save Money on Christmas