A feeling of deja vu. I didn’t expect history to repeat itself so quickly, just eight months later.

Rather than write something again, read this for my post in February 2018.

Robo-advisors ain’t a sprint. It’s a marathon. Don’t start, and don’t sign up if you’re not going to hold for ten or fifteen years. The same goes for index investing. It ain’t the holiday grail, but having resilient components allow me to sleep well at night. Market has been pretty volatile lately.

No idea where this picture originated from but I thought it is an interesting share.

Sometimes, the market is just being itself – you know, the ups and downs, the unpredictability and volatility. Having been on both sides of the fence, I appreciate the mechanical approach of regular investment plans (RSPs) and robo-advisors.

Work hard, earn money, and life goes on. If STI drops to 2,750? Then, the real fun starts.


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