Once in a while, we may take things for granted and forget that the world we live in is not as ideal as we expect it to be. For every Groupon.sg or Deal.com.sg (I have had good experiences with both), there is sure to be other less popular deal sites, some with devious business models that is not focused on selling things.

Word of advice – don’t be too quick to click on that unbelievable deal or offer you just saw online, even if it has hundreds of likes or shares. Take a quick glance at the comments. If it is too good to be true, it probably is.

At least try to read the fine prints before clicking on OK or Confirm!

1) Save The Deals [$34.90/mth]

Exclusive offers for $35 refund vouchers? Yippee! Unlimited access to members area! Why wait? Save The Deals! But then, without signing up, seems like you cannot access the members area so you won’t know what they have to offer. They are pretty straightforward about the monthly $34.90 subscription.

Check out a blogger’s experience with Save The Deals.



2) My Sweet Savings [$34.90/mth]

So, someone whole-sale, word-for-word, recycled the entire website into My Sweet Savings.



What has these two sites have in common? Well, everything. Wouldn’t be too much of a stretch calling them clones either. Taking a closer look, both are powered by Deals Singapore. Let’s take a look at it then. On loading the desktop page, looks to be nothing more than a deal aggregator.

Listed as top two partners are Groupon and StreetDeal. Groupon, I’m familiar with. But StreetDeal?

3) StreetDeal [$87.90/quarter]



To know more about StreetDeal, look no further than this Facebook group. Just read the posts made to the page, I’m sure you wouldn’t even go near StreetDeal with a bamboo pole after this. Looking at the date of postings, looks like they are still in business.

I quote some of the “victims” from the Facebook page, taken word-for-word :

I just got charged 88 membership which is automatically opt in and not reflected in the total costs of the item I bought. (27-Jan-2015)

And another one :

I am surprise that so many people are “Scammed” by Streetdeal just like me. I bought something for approx $8 and was made to pay an extra $88!!! (26-Jan-2015)

4) RivaLife [$79.90/quarter]

I first came across these “premium membership” deal sites when I they started doing sponsored posts on Facebook.

When I realised some of these sites have very similar business models, I did a quick dig and to be honest, I wasn’t that surprised to see that both StreetDeal and Rivalife are operated by the same company – Asia Deal Group.

  • [StreetDeal]
    The Site provides an interactive online service operated by Asia Deal Group Pte Ltd, holding company of StreetDeal Singapore Pte Ltd.
  • [RivaLife]
    , Pte. Ltd. (“RivaLife”), and the websites that form the network of Riva Group sites (hereinafter referred to individually as the “Riva Group Site” or collectively, the “Riva Group Sites”) are owned and operated by Asia Deal Group Pte Ltd (hereinafter referred as “Asia Deal Group” or “ADG”).

5) Asia Deal Group

At the end of the trail, we have Asia Deal Group. Feel free to get in touch with their CEO / co-founder / general manager if you have any questions. That’s all I have for you after a little bit of digging online for publicly available information. I’ll be sure to let my wife and friends know about this “awesome” list of deal sites!