Writing this post is probably slightly off-topic for my blog. Then again, bloggers do enjoy reading other blogs so this is little tip here can be a life-saver.

When I blog, I have a standard routine that I follow. After my blog post is published, I would usually do a quick share on Facebook and Twitter. This pushes out content and makes it convenient for followers to know that a new post is available. RSS feed makes it really easy to follow too, if you know how to use it.

I usually don’t send a link to my Facebook group and Telegram chat book. Somehow, it feels a little .. I don’t know, over?

Anyway, if you’re used to sharing stuff on Facebook you’d notice that sometimes, the shared web-page comes out weird. Even when the best practices are being followed. Fustrating, right?

Like not having any images, for example.

Or squished together, like the example below.

A nicely shared post would look like the one below.

I know, I know. Best practice is to have a suitable image in your blog post. However, if your blog post already contains a nice and wide image, it simply means that Facebook aren’t fetching your blog post correctly.

Facebook Debugger

All you need to do to “fix” this problem is to use the Facebook Debugger. The problem is basically Facebook not crawling/fetching/scraping your blog post correctly.

Just follow the few steps below :

  1. Go to the Facebook Debugger page.
  2. Input the link you’re sharing and click Debug.
  3. Click on Scrape Again.
  4. Done!

What we’re basically doing is forcing Facebook to re-load the information from your blog post. And problem solved! Hope you like this little tip!

Blog News & Stuff

  • Created the Turtle Leisure Chat Telegram group! I hang out quite often when I’m free 😉
  • Added a social media section at the sidebar that lets you easily follow my Facebook page + join my Index Investing group + subscribe to my blog + follow me on Twitter + join me on Telegram. Everthing is just one click away.
  • Added the new referral links & promo codes page. Wrote down my thoughts and listed some awesome products/services that I’m already paying for. Check it out and give it a read – it might have something you want 🙂