In my earlier posts on playing the miles game, I have illustrated how I have gone from 10,000 miles to 120,000 miles even after the redemption of a pair of business class SQ flights with stopovers, which is effectively four flights.

While it is near impossible for an average Joe to accumulate one million miles without using his own credit card for work expenses (that’s not even a travel hack), we can still gather a decent amount of miles if we’re really efficient about cards usage.

One topic that I have not yet covered is the ultra-exclusive lounge for First and Suites Class passengers flying out of Singapore – The Private Room. I don’t have to say anymore because a quick Google will tell you everything about it.

While we have significantly more options for First Class flights, if we were to exclusively go for Suites Class, then we are presented with a small problem.

When you’re travelling in our Suites, you’ll never have to share your personal space. Your individual cabin has its own sliding door and window blinds to give you all the privacy you want. Its spaciousness allows for a standalone bed, completely separate from your seat. A space that’s all yours. Nothing comes close.

Because the number of Airbus A380s in the SQ fleet is fairly limited, it means that the number of Suites Class flights are proportionately just as limited. You can refer to my old list below (errors are expected) for all Suites Class flights flying out of Singapore.

  • Singapore – Beijing [08:30]
  • Singapore – Hong Kong [08:40]
  • Singapore – London [09:10]
  • Singapore – Shanghai [09:20]
  • Singapore – Melbourne [10:45]
  • Singapore – Delhi [17:00]
  • Singapore – Sydney [20:15]
  • Singapore – Auckland [20:50]
  • Singapore – London [23:45]
  • Singapore –  Frankfurt – New York [23:55]
  • Singapore – Paris [00:10]
  • Singapore – Sydney [00:45]
  • Singapore – Zurich [01:30]

In my instance, my intention was to fly out of Singapore in Suites Class to Beijing, China. This is an early morning flight at 8:30am on flight SQ 802. Of course, this means that I wouldn’t have the luxury of time to indulge myself at The Private Room which opens at 5:30am, and having access to the breakfast menu only. Working backwards, it would appear to be an extremely tiring morning waking up at perhaps 4:00am and a quick breakfast before boarding our flights.

Are we screwed? After all, experiencing The Private Room, feasting ourselves silly on lobster thermidor and chugging endless champagne is part of the package that I signed up for. The Private Room and Suites Class isn’t just transportation anymore. It is the first leg of my vacation!

Read on .. of course we’re not screwed, because Turtle Investor only gives legit and valuable hacks 🙂 So what can we do?

If you check Changi Airport page here, you can see that flights with certain airlines allow for early check-in. In the case of Singapore Airlines, passengers are able to physically check-in their luggage up to twenty-four hours prior to the flights!

I don’t know of anyone who would roam Changi Airport for that long regardless of how world-class our airport is. We’re not going to do that, obviously. What we’re going to do is to actually check-in the night prior to our flight at say, 9pm? After checking in, the plan is to head to The Private Room for a late dinner which has available all the best food that The Private Room offers.

Let’s say we’re done with drinks and dessert by 11:00pm, which is time to head to Changi Airport Terminal 3 transit hotel e.g. Aerotel for a short stay. By packing light, we would be able to enjoy a nice shower and comfortable sleep. With the added benefit of being in the transit area, we can wake up slightly later, maybe .. 5:30am (arrange a wake-up call with the hotel) without worrying about being late.

After which, we’d go for yet another meal (breakfast) at The Private Room at 6:30am. The golden ticket does allow for unlimited visits to the TPR as far as I know. Even if we were to stroll leisurely for our flight after finishing our food at 7:30am, rest assured that we would get on our flight scheduled for 8:30am.

The only catch is that I would have to pay out of our pocket for the stay at the transit hotel for a total damage of about $150. A worthy sacrifice, in my opinion. The miles game has always been about indulgence – paying peanuts and yet living like a king. Yet another valuable tip brought to you by yours truly, for all of us who love the miles game!