As a local start-up, ShopBack takes a popular overseas cashback rebate model and brings it to Singapore. The idea is really simple – go to ShopBack website and click on the link that brings you to your desired retailer.

For example, I shop almost every other week on RedMart and was really glad to see them back on ShopBack’s listing. To add to my delight, their significant 9% cashback is nothing to laugh at.

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How Does ShopBack Work?

For example, by clicking on their customized link button (e.g. Get 9% Caskback) it basically tracks and makes sure that you visited the retailer via their website. Important to note is that this only works on desktop/laptop website. Mobile browser is a big no-no.


Clicking on the Shop Now button brings my to the retailer of my choice and I simply proceed to do your usual shopping. It will work its magic automatically.

After I’m done, give it a couple of minutes and the transaction will automatically update itself on the ShopBack website. After the transaction clears, the cashback rebate will sit in the “Pending” bucket. After a pre-determined threshold duration, it will automatically be moved to “Redeemable” – a minimum of $10 for eligible payout.


I’ve been sitting on this post for quite a while after a reader highlighted it to me, and I have been patiently accumulating cashback since October for payout. As of now, I have $8.81 pending, $5.54 redeembale and $30.00 bonus payout.

Almost. There.

By itself, Shopback already give a pretty enticing offer with really huge cashbacks. The fun really begins when we start CHAINING all these wonderful online savings together!

Money Saving Combo Example

Let’s say I spend $50 shopping for groceries at RedMart, which basically unlocks free delivery for me. Then, let’s try to cut it down to the bare minimum.

Shopping at RedMart =$50

Since I have a couple of credits left in RedMart, let’s use it to reduce the price since it will expire anyway.


Credit use = $20
Delivery discount = $1

Thus, I will have to pay $29 at checkout. Because I’m using ShopBack to “land” at RedMart, I’m eligible for cashback of 9%. Furthermore, I’m using my credit card to pay for my purchase. It gives my 1.2% cashback.

ShopBack 9% cashback = $2.70
Credit card 1.2% miles rebate = $0.30

Woohoo. Adding all up gets me a $24 off, a mouth watering 48% discount. If you don’t have RedMart credits, what happens is that you will end up earning more ShopBack cashback rebate.

Actual payment = $26

In conclusion, ShopBack is a really a straightforward cashback scheme – what’s not to like?! Use it together with Black Friday Sale today to get the best deal!

Links to ShopBack helps me earn referral credits when you sign up & makes a purchase.

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