When I first started helping my wife with investing her hard-earned money in January 2017, I was hoping that the positive reinforcements from receiving dividend income 8 out of 12 months a year would make her interested in finance matters. And yes, it did help.

If I thought I was darn smart for doing that, heck – I seriously underestimated what I would eventually uncover. Blockchain technology has upended this whole idea “dividend income” thing. I call it the epitome of positive reinforcements.

Caution – this is not investment advice and I’m not recommending any of these options.


What if I could swipe my phone every few minutes and instantly see my portfolio making an extra few cents? There are now numerous ways to achieve such “passive” income in the blockchain universe, one of which is via Proof-of-Stake. Think of it as another type of consensus algorithm, as opposed to Proof-of-Work that is most commonly associated with Bitcoin and Ethereum now.

In short, by staking our tokens and helping to validate transactions, we earn passive income.

Give it another swipe/reload and immediately see ourselves having made more rewards in the past few minutes. If we were to think of dividend income from blue-chips or REITs as awesome, then this is truly mind-blowing.


Alternatively, funds can be put to good use by lending it out to others. By converting our money into stablecoins, it can be lent out to other at high (currently about 7%) interest rates.

I frequently test out such platforms in order to learn more. In a matter of minutes, the small amount of tokenized USD I’ve lent out has earned 0.06 cents. A trivial amount for testing, yes – and it makes no economic sense after accounting for exchange and transaction fees, but the logic is sound. DeFi Pulse keeps track of the amount of funds currently locked up in various use cases in decentralised finance and is useful reference.

As rewards/earnings are frequently updated (often) in a matter of minutes, the positive reinforcements are ridiculous and addictive AF. People start telling themselves things like – “invest $100 and make $1 per month” or “invest $3000 and earn passive income of $1 per day” – and the amazing thing is that when they log-in and give their phones a swipe, magic internet money appear in their accounts like clockwork.

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