Psst – want to make extra income online?

Sorry Jared, I stole your line. I simply couldn’t resist it. I mean, such old school click bait strategy LOL! Not matter if it is Singapore or anywhere else in the world, everyone wants to earn passive income online. So much fun that I decide to make a post out of it. SMOL, see what you did now!

Instead of the usual pitch that internet marketers make e.g. shout “get rich quick for free”, everyone can do it, remind you of how life sucks, bombardment of success stories and testimonials etc, how about I do this in reverse order and fast forward through all the feel-good bullshit and see whether you will still take the bait?

Let’s Get Rich Quick?

Rise and shine! Waking up at 6:35am, that’s what champions are made of, isn’t it?

We start our day early. First thing I do is to check my mobile phone for emails – dammit, zero sales again. That’s the 5th time this month. And guess what, it’s 5th February today. Oh well, big money will eventually come.

Must. Have. Faith.

Time to wash up and get the routine my Shifu has recommended – all I need to do is persevere and do something? Not exactly sure what is it I’m supposed to devote my time into (I forgot what the eBook said) but heck, let’s just follow what Shifu says. Let’s post something on social media for a start and generate some traffic to my landing page.

What?! The traffic to my awesome blog has been falling like the stock market. I can’t believe this. And nobody even seems to be opening my painfully crafted version 67 of my newsletter. What’s with the low open and click rate? I wonder what’s wrong – is my auto-responder down huh?

Crap, I’m paying monthly bills for my website hosting, email auto-responder and god-knows-what. I’m hardly not even making any enough sales to break-even! Did I chose the wrong affiliate product to sell? Can’t be. My Shifu says this single product made him tens of thousands bucks in his first year and showed me his payment proofs.


Maybe I’m not cut out for this. Shifu is such a nice person – I mean, he already taught me this course for free. What’s more, he didn’t even try to sell me anything! He even helped me save some money by getting me a discounted rate for the web-host and auto-responder because he is their premium customer, and spent his own time setting up my website, too.

I’m really letting him down. Guess it’s back to my shitty job (which I’m late for, already) until my online business starts rolling in the big money.

Maybe ..

Maybe I should try out the other course that Muthu recommended me the other day. He casually mentioned that he made enough money in his first month to stop working as <insert job here> to go into this new business full-time!

Now, all I need to do is to sign up via this special web link he emailed me yesterday and there will be a step-by-step guide. But strangely, Muthu said the sign up page will only be active for 1700 minutes. Interestingly, he claims that the course is invite-only, and only the first 17 students is accepted every 170 days on a full moon.

I mean, this must be my lucky day to get a slot! Maybe I should.

A Little Poke

This mini-story is just a little tongue-in-cheek poke at the bad apples of the world of internet marketing and all the false promises that were made. If you can filter out the rubbish and scams, there may just be some gold at the end of the rainbow for you.

Please don’t get me wrong. There are plenty of fantastic and legitimate online marketers who have changed thousands of lives. Truly inspirational figures. They are absolutely goal-driven individuals who creates and sell original products and start businesses from scratch.

Many can succeed, but even more will fail. I don’t know any method that can guarantee one of getting rich quick, but I did make over $1,000 last year and there was nothing passive about it. And it was slow. Maybe I’ll blog more about this when I have time.

If you still haven’t realized what is the problem with my short story, then you might want to stay tuned to part 2 where the same story is told from the perspective of Shifu.

Brand New Logo

I have a sexy new logo for my blog! The cool hexagons were inspired by the pattern of turtle shells and I made it the base theme.


Why turtles? In the 1980s, a famous Wall Street experiment by Richard Dennis taught a group of 23 ordinary people, known as The Turtle Traders, a system to make extraordinary money. In the same light, I feel that everyone has the potential to be a Turtle Investor and achieve their financial goals. Just gotta hide myself in the relative safety of my protective turtle shell, do my thing and ignore the market sirens out to seduce me.

Why three hexagons? The three hexagons represent the three core areas that I’m interested in.

Firstly, investment – with a core focus on indexing which explains the single, smaller black hexagon.

Secondly, income. I haven’t written too much on this yet, but I might share some of the stuff I’ve done previously and what has worked for me.

Thirdly, individual – as in a person, I mean. This can be anything related to personal finance such as CPF, saving money, budgeting, HDB and property etc.