I was clearing data from one of my mobile apps when I came across this note that I saved.

Fear is the #1 source of regret. The biggest breakthroughs typically come when you’re feeling the most frustrated. It is this frustration that forces us to think differently, look outside the box and see the solution that we have been missing. By revealing when we’re on the wrong path, our mistakes pave the way for us to succeed. The worst thing that can happen to me? It is to allow myself to die inside while I am still alive.

Loved this back then. Still love it now. I’m not gonna be sitting here, waiting to have “what-ifs” questions in my forties or fifties. Done some stupid things and made some wacky decisions in my life but yes, no regrets. Enjoying that little skip and bounce in my steps when I think back sometimes. Life’s pretty funny haha!

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