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A directory of FIRE bloggers who are either Singaporeans or are living in Singapore, with a fundamental or underlying focus on the journey to FIRE.

Why? Because it is such a pain to find out where all the FIRE bloggers are!

I have taken the liberty to add some of the FIRE bloggers that I follow into the list below. If you dabble in plenty of sub-niche like myself (e.g. money hacks, travel, side hustle and crypto etc) then the catch-all to use would be Personal Finance. It is highly recommended to provide a specific niche that you blog about in order to help us identify with what you are truly passionate about.

Blog Name and AuthorNicheFIRE ?Social
Turtle Investor by KevinPersonal FinanceTo FIRE by 40
A Singaporean Stocks Investor by AKPersonal FinanceRetired
A Path to Forever Financial Freedom by BrianPersonal FinanceTo FIRE at 35
Minimalist In The City by Dave and KateMinimalismYear 2020
Early Retirement SGPersonal FinanceRetired
Finance SmithsPersonal Finance
Financially Independent PharmacistPersonal Finance
The FI35Personal FinanceTo FIRE at 35
Heartland BoyPersonal FinanceTo FIRE by 40
Financial Freedom By 40 by JocePersonal FinanceTo FIRE by 40
Investment Moats by KyithPersonal Finance
Mr And Mrs BudgetPersonal FinanceTo FIRE by 40
My Money What by Mr S1 and Mr S2Personal Finance
My Sweet RetirementPersonal FinanceTo FIRE by 55
Side Hustle Rich by RichardAlternative IncomeTo FIRE by 45
Road to FIREInvestment
SingvestorPersonal FinanceYear 2027
Sipping Coconuts by Team SCTravelSemi FIRE

The following categories of blogs will have a high chance of being added:

  • Blogs that have a core focus on FIRE
  • Blogs that are older than 12 months
  • Blogs that have consistent blogs posts – average 1 per month
  • Blogs that have community engagement via social media

The following categories of blogs will have a low chance of being added:

  • Blogs that are not Singapore-centric
  • Blogs by businesses e.g. property, insurance, investment etc
  • Blogs that are paywall-ed
  • Blogs with content that primarily revolves only around investment or stock picks
  • Blogs that whine or complain excessively. FIRE is about positive vibes alright? Be the change that you want to see!

Remember, the true value of these blogs is to add value to the community that is pursuing FIRE.

Blogs will be periodically added and removed over time. Contact me for errata or to submit your blog for inclusion! An exquisite team of financially trained elves will personally curate and maintain the listing – they may not respond to emails.