Many people have questioned whether making money from Google Adsense is legitimate. You must have come across folks who insists they make like thousands of dollars a month from online advertising and wondered if they are genuine, true stories.

Can it be done? Definitely – I’ve got my payment proof (albeit earnings at a much smaller scale) below.

Can everybody achieve it? Not necessarily.

Last month, I received my first ever payment from the Google Adsense program, which is a whooping SGD140.63! Before you think you have stumbled upon a get-rich-quick scheme, I’m the first to admit that this is an accumulation of earnings over a long, long period of time so you got to manage your expectations.

I started on-off blogging more than ten years ago, and only started my Google Adsense account sometime in 2007. Back then, making money wasn’t really a priority and I paid no interest to it, making $1 or $2 every month having forgotten that I even had an account.

Earnings started to pick up in 2012 when I revamped my blogs – visitors increased and correspondingly, earnings increased.

Top question – do people really click on ads? Yes! Just not as much as you would like them to. Depending on which industry you’re focused on (for example, I have a travel-related blog and a finance-related blog), you will get drastically different click-through ratios. Even when people don’t click on the ads on your sites, you get to make (very little) money based on the number of impressions.

For example, I make somewhere from 3 or 4 cents up to 20 cents on days where I don’t register a single click. Then again, on days where I register ad clicks, the earning may be as low 10 cents due to the low cost-per-click.

I’ve since donated the earnings from my finance blogs to Club Rainbow and held a free-book giveaway. Stay tuned for the next round of giveaway – I’m currently reading Invest Lah which I’ve found to be a pretty good read for novice investors. You might just be the next luck winner =)


[Category] Online Advertisements
[Payment Type] SGD $140.63
[Payment Mode] Cheque
[Date Requested] 31st December 2013
[Date of Payment] 27th January 2014

Payment Proof

google adsense payment proof

Payment Type : Cheque
Payment Date : 27-Jan-2014

Amount in Reporting Currency : USD $110.16
Exchange Rate : 1 : 1.277
Amount in Payment Currency : SGD SGD140.63

Payments are converted to local currency at the prevailing rate at time of payment processing