Ever wished you could have an income stream that runs on auto-pilot (think Google self-driving vehicle) and all you needed to do is to collect the money? Me too! Too bad – a blog doesn’t exactly fit the bill. Sorry to burst your dream.

In this obscure category of blog posts tagged under “alternative income”, payment proofs continue to attract the most interest. Below is what you’re looking for. Always nice to receive this mail, whether it is physical or virtual, from Google.



For Would-Be Bloggers

If you have doubts, once again, let me say that Google Adsense is perfectly, totally legit. Good news is, what I’ve managed to achieve in 12 months in 2014, I made it in six months this year. Woohoo!

$30.00 a month isn’t that bad, huh? That’s like $7,200 worth of stocks that pays a 5% dividend.

Thinking of starting a blog for a source of alternative income? You might wanna stay tuned. I have a blog post in the pipeline that might interest you.


News-Flash // SPDR STI ETF Dividends : S$0.049 // Ex-Date : 31st July 2015