Earnings report from Turtle Investor! Nah. I am not referring to stocks dividend. Sidetrack a little bit here. You can easily check dividend distributions online these days, thus not much point in me posting them here.

Also, I have updated my asset allocation page! 19th Jan has come and gone, and I have re-balanced my portfolio easily with the reduction in lot size to 100. Sold off most of my “random collection” of shares too, resulting in my variant of a 3-fund Bogleheads portfolio while sticking to my max. 10% stock picking rule which currently consists of REITs.


Google Adsense

Sadly, the classic snail mail sent by Google is no longer in use. The one that gives you plenty of joy as you slowly peel away the envelope, revealing the earnings (you already knew the amount since you checked it online countless times) that you’ve made via Google Adsense. There is indeed HOPE, it is telling you.

Google AdSense is a free, simple way for website publishers of all sizes to earn money by displaying targeted Google ads on their websites.

google adsense payment proof

No doubt, in today’s context, a snail mail from a technology giant like Google is kind of an oxymoron. Doing away with it will save costs (and trees) for sure. Instead of a physical Google cheque, the money is now credited directly into my bank account. Smooth and easy, I like.


Judging from the significant number of visitors to my post on Google Adsense Payment Proof 2014, people are actually looking for some form of proof or real-life case-studies on whether Google Adsense really works.

It is pretty straightforward actually. Plenty of people wants to make money online, and they want a degree of certainty before investing their time (and perhaps money) into it. People read about the abundance of wealth to be made from blogging. But to earn $5000 monthly from blogging, really can meh?!

Fact – Google Adsense is legit

I run a couple of blogs, purely because of my interest in these areas. Most of my time is split between this finance-related blog and another travel blog. Notice that I said time, because anyone who thinks of blogging as a source of easy passive income is probably not being entirely truthful. Blogging takes time, which means it isn’t exactly passive in nature.

What’s The Real Cost Of Running A WordPress Site?

My main objective of ad revenue is to cover the cost of web hosting. My blogs see a combined traffic of roughly 16,000 page views in December (look Ma, I’m a mini-influencer), earning a revenue of SGD$33.73 via ad impressions and ad clicks. Each month, I incur expenses of SGD$8 and USD$3.95 with two separate web hosts. Looking at the current cash-flow situation, it looks like I’m in pretty good shape! More importantly, don’t get fixated on the money. Having fun is more important!

Definitely possible to make decent money from Google Adsense if I work hard enough! Lazy me. If I extrapolate my statistics, if I am able to increase traffic by just 6 times, I can easily make SGD$200 monthly via ads alone. And we’re not even considering other sources of income. For example, depending on the number of unique visits and page rank, a sponsored post can net you anywhere from $50 bucks to a couple hundred easily.

Do you have a pleasant experience with Google Adsense?

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