With the bad haze this week, there has never been a better time to try ordering groceries online. Buying from RedMart is really easy, and I have realized that now I’m probably getting up to 75% of my groceries online via RedMart since it launched last year.


What Is RedMart?

RedMart is Singapore’s leading online store for groceries and household essentials. With thousands of products at great prices, 2 hour delivery windows, and free delivery over $30 for first time customers and $49 for subsequent orders (for now), life just got a lot more convenient.

That’s it, three simple steps.

  1. Reserve a delivery slot
  2. Select the items I want and put them into my virtual shopping cart
  3. Checkout and pay

Hold on, waaaait a minute. That’s the newbie way of using RedMart and you’re barely scrapping the surface of the ridiculous amount of savings you can make!

If we spend a little time getting to know RedMart’s website, we can uncover really awesome features. Let me show you the “Pro” way of using RedMart and I guarantee that you will not regret reading this post.

Always Order Min. $50 For Free Delivery

This is self explanatory – save $7 right there! The threshold was $75 but it has since been lowered to $50.


Time is money. With this, we save both time and money. Sounds good to me!

Allow Delivery Up To 2 Hours Before Chosen Time Slot

Let’s say I have selected delivery to be done on Sunday 12pm – 2pm. By allowing the delivery to take place up to 2 hours earlier, my slot is now 10am – 2pm. I’m going to be at home anyway, so that 2 hours make no difference to me, and that’s $1 savings.


How does it help RedMart? It basically gives them more flexibility in coming up with the most optimum and cost-effective route to make deliveries.

To make it even better for us, RedMart guarantees on-time delivery. If not, they will credit us with $5.


To their credit, their service has been pretty good thus far. Once, the delivery guy was caught in a heavy rain and bothered to give me a call, just in case he couldn’t make it on time. He made it, eventually.

Edit 23-Mar-2016 :
Well, they “messed up” once, and called me to ask if I’m OK with them arriving before the scheduled time. I was OK with it, and I was credited with the $5 credit.


Shopping List Feature

Before you even go into code-red and start shopping for emergency supplies you needed to have in your kitchen by YESTERDAY, spend a little time on the website when things are a little more .. tranquil.

RedMart has a shopping list feature where you can basically add all the items that you would potentially buy at one time or another. Go on, add to your list. Don’t be shy, add a couple of more items! That’s it.


Besides the convenience, the useful thing about the list is that you can scroll it quickly to look out for items that are on sale! Maybe tissue paper and toilet rolls are on sale this week on RedMart – buy an extra 10 boxes or 21 rolls perhaps, and keep them in the store room!

Take myself for example, my storeroom has cartons of 100-Plus because my wife and I work-out regularly at home. Another couple bottles of laundry detergents, too. That’s what I usually do and it’s an easy couple of dollars saved.

Discount Code

Once in a while, you may get certain opportunities to earn yourself a discount code. For example, I just did an online survey last week with RedMart on how they can improve their services and was rewarded with a $10 discount code.


Referral Credits

Possibly the holy grail of all tips. I have recommended many of my friends and colleagues to give RedMart a try. When they sign up through my referral link, they get rewarded with a $10 credit. Upon their first purchase, I earn a $10 referral credit for helping RedMart to get a new customer. Then, my friends and colleagues can go on to earn their own referral credits by referring more of their family and friends!


One thing to note is that you can only use a maximum of $20 credits per purchase. Of course, there is no one to stop you from making multiple purchases.


When I was actively promoting RedMart last year, my balance exceeded $100 and some of it expired! Yep, I get lots of credits but that means my referrals saved that amount of money too! A win-win situation for everyone.

Shopback Rebates

When two start-ups get together, woohoo! Previously, Shopback was giving a whopping 9% cash rebates on the nett spending on RedMart on normal days, and more than 10% on flash promotions!


As of today, it doesn’t look like RedMart has an active deal listed on Shopback. I’ll be keeping an eye on Shopback promotions for any flash-sales involving RedMart for sure.

Credit Card Rebates

Lastly, by paying for my RedMart purchase with a credit card that gives rebates, that’s another round of $$$ savings.


I regularly chalk spendings on my Citi Premier Miles that gives 1.2% rebates on all purchases done locally, and 2.0% on all overseas expenditure. I know, 1.2% isn’t exactly fantastic but I like it just the way it is. Zero restrictions, forever. No min. amount, no gimmicks, and no trickery.

If you are game for more savings, RedMart is currently working with Amex so you get 6% Cashback (12% for first purchase) for every purchase till 29th Feb 2016, plus another S$50 RedMart Voucher upon Card approval.


Final Thoughts on RedMart

RedMart is the 800-pound gorilla that nobody saw coming. Now, it has left the rest of the other major brick-and-mortar players playing catch-up.

And RedMart isn’t even done, yet. Its trail of destruction continues. Other initiatives include


Are you ready to give RedMart a try?

In the spirit of full disclosure, you don’t necessarily have to sign up through my referral link because I will get a $10 credit when you make a first purchase. But if you do, you automatically get a $10 credit too!

If you are feeling nice, feel free to reward me! Get $10 RedMart Credit